This Whole United Nations Fiasco

This Whole United Nations Fiasco

First of all I would like to say that I feel the United Nations has outlived its usefulness. All they have done for years is attacked U.S. policies and our way of governing. I remember reading about the United Nations when it was founded and they never got caught up in the type of dialogue they have in the last two decades. I listened to a couple of the dictators that spoke today totally attacking the U.S and thought it very comical that people started walking out. It is hard to believe that we seem to be going down a path that seems to want to be-friend these people and be nice to them.

The President’s speech at the United Nations was an even bigger travesty in its content and its delivery. I cannot understand why the President of the United States has to get up in front of other leaders and always say America is wrong, and no one else bars the burden of any fault in anything. I would never go as far to think that the President is Anti-American but as much as he does not like the way things were done you pick up and move forward. It is my hope that Our President is not delving on the past to try to stymie his lowering approval ratings. The last thing I saw him do is lambaste Israel which has always been one of our allies. I do not see how he can continue to attack Israel to try to further his political agenda in the Middle East. In all reality I think Israel now has the green light to take actions into their own hands because the United States has now abandoned them.

I think that the United Nations has showed that they are truly Anti-American; they have U.S. haters chosen to run the agenda for the General Assembly and also elect these people to lead very important committees that make world laws and guidelines. I think the United Nations needs to move their headquarters to another county; we give them way to much money which is much more than any other country in the assembly. I think we even pay for the upkeep of the facility on top of the dues we pay. There is one silver lining to the United Nations being in the U.S. and that is that we can keep an eye on them.

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