Through Steel Bars Day 2

Day 2

Jack was walking down a dark hall lit only by a few lonesome candles that gave off a ridiculously small amount of light. As he continued to walk down the hall he thought he heard footsteps behind him and reached for his Colt Peacemaker but could not find it in the weak light. Jack cursed the darkness as he continued to search for his gun he found himself thrashing about on the cold prison floor, his hand groping for a gun that had been taken away yesterday with his capture. He looked out of the barred window of his prison cell and saw the sun rising above the vast plains of Texas. He stayed by that window for a long time gazing at the sun, pondering how he would escape this dreadful stony place, watching the sun rise higher and higher until he heard the sound of jangling keys at the door.

After a few seconds of this noise the door opened revealing the sheriff, ready to begin another day’s work. The two men regarded each other silently for a few moments before the Sheriff strolled to his desk and sat down, dealing out a game of Solitaire. After watching Larry loose two games in a row, Jack quietly and politely asked him to come over and deal out a few games of poker. After a few seconds of thoughtful hesitation Larry decided that it could not do much harm to play a little bit of low stake poker, so he moved his desk over to the bars of Jack’s cell and handed him a few coins to use as chips. They passed a few carefree hours playing five card draw together chatting about various things. At least it was carefree for Larry, who took Jack’s occasional perspiration as a sign of concentration as he placed his bets, but in reality Jack was opening all of the drawers in the front of the Sheriff’s desk one by one and visually scanning them.

The first three and the last that Jack searched contained papers and other such things that would be useless to Jack’s attempt to escape. The fourth drawer appeared to be full of useless things as well at first glance, but looking again Jack noticed some spurs lying in the bottom of the drawer almost hidden by a pile of legal documents. Although Jack could think of nothing to do with them he took them from the drawer just in case, covering his movements by picking up a card that he had “accidentally” dropped. He quietly tucked the spurs under his chaps and continued to talk with Larry. As he continued to chat he realized that Larry really enjoyed his company although he was trying hard not to show it. In what seemed like no time at all, they were playing their final hands, which Jack won with a pair of aces.

“Darn it, all I needed to get a royal flush was the Jack of Spades.”

“Hey, maybe you’ll have better luck on the next hand Larry.”

“I don’t think so Jack. Anyway, I really must go.”

“Okay, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” said Jack, feigning disappointment

That night after the Sheriff had left and Jack was preparing to go to sleep, Jack glanced around the room trying to take in all of the things that he saw around him. The first thing that he noticed was that although his cell was made of stone and fairly old-fashioned, the bars and door were made of solid steel so he would probably not be able to force his way out. A second thing that he noticed was that the rack of Winchester 1866 rifles along the wall was left unguarded and unprotected. He noticed also that the Sheriff took the keys with him each night when he left, so unlocking the door was out of the question. As he lay in the pile of straw that was his bed thinking of different ways to try to escape he dozed off; relinquishing his grip on the world of consciousness and letting blackness grip his mind.

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