Tips Before Buying a Hypoallergenic Dog


If you wish to have a pet dog but you suffer from allergies, it is not hopeless case. Like most people who are afflicted with some type of allergy, be it food, plant, or animals, you can still find a way to enjoy your life, which in a lot of cases, includes having a pet or two. Depending on how severe your allergy case is, you may be able to take a dog as a pet as long as you make an effort to find the dog breed that is suitable for you.

Hypoallergenic dogs are particular breeds that shed less fur or hair and dander than other dog breeds, and produce lesser allergens in their urine and saliva. You should be aware that all dog breeds carry a certain measure of allergens, hypoallergenic dogs carry them only to a lesser extent. Allergens stay in carpets, on walls, and in upholstery, bedding and clothes. These cause the allergic reactions of some people to their pets. These allergens should be removed through frequent thorough house cleaning, assigning certain areas in the house for your pets to sleep, and by finding pets that have shorter fur and don’t shed dead skin cells as frequently.

When searching for a hypoallergenic dog, you should do your research on the dog breeds that have shorter hair, shed their dander or skin cells every few weeks instead of every few days, and those that do not produce as much saliva. Since allergic reactions can occur at various times during your life, you must spend some time with the dog breed you are planning to adopt. Visiting a dog breeder or a friend who owns a dog will help you get a better idea of which breed of dog to adopt.

You should also take into consideration your present living conditions. If you reside in a small house or apartment, you are prone to more allergy attacks because the dander and hair are confined to a small area. The best way for this situation is to adopt a small hypoallergenic dog. If you live in a bigger house, you could house a larger dog. Allowing the dog to run outside either in your yard or by walking it frequently will also be beneficial because your dog has the chance to shed outside rather than inside your house on your carpeting and furniture.

Upon bringing your new dog home, you should give your body it a few weeks for to adjust to the new pet. Your allergies may worsen before they get improve, but you should see the difference after a month. A hypoallergenic dog does not demand any special maintenance unless the breeder has specific instructions or health advice about the breed you plan to buy.

You will need frequent cleaning of your home and an investment in a good-quality vacuum that can thoroughly clean your carpeting. If possible, it is recommended that your replace your carpeting with hardwood flooring. This will prevent allergens from accumulating and thereby causing an allergy attack. Wipe the walls weekly and try to keep your pet off your bed. These precautionary measures will help lessen allergy attacks and help you have a fun and loving friendship with your dog for a long time.