Tips For Healthy Skin

                                                              TIPS FOR HEALTHY SKIN

As the spotless and shiny exterior of a car is sure to make people turn their head and have a second look, just like that, the flawless and glowing skin of your body and face is sure to make others turn and have a second look. It is your looks and not your qualities that first strikes and impresses a man. A healthy skin that has a glow of its own, can work wonders when you turn on your charms to impress somebody, especially the opposite sex. Skin with spots or marks and too many wrinkles can be detrimental to your overall personality. There are women and men who are fortunate enough to inherit natural and healthy skin from their ancestors and look younger than they in fact are. Most of the people are not as fortunate as those few women and men. Take care of your skin to delay the natural aging process as best as possible.

To bring a healthy look and glow to your skin, you must know the basics, which are given below:-

a)      Don’t expose your skin to rough weather, heat, cold and strong sunlight. Protect your skin from strong direct sunlight in summer. The UVA (ULTRA VIOLET A) and the UVB (ULTRA VIOLET B) rays in the sunlight cause damage to the skin. You can protect your skin from direct exposure to strong sunlight by wearing full sleeved cotton shirts and full cotton pants. If your clothes are made of good fabric, it protects your skin from the harmful effects of the direct sun rays. Screen your face from direct sunlight by either wearing a cap with a long flap or by wrapping your face with a piece of cloth. Too much exposure of your skin to cold also, cause damage to your skin by making the skin dry and coarse.

b)      Avoid too much oil and spices in your diet. Oily skin is a result of too much oil and spices in your diet. Take healthy and balanced diet. A healthy and balanced diet delays the formation of wrinkles to a great extent thereby delaying the natural aging process of the skin. Lots of seasonal fruits and green vegetables in your diet to give your skin a healthy glow and look. Take at least a glass of milk daily and try to include one milk product like yogurt, cheese in your diet daily.

c)       Wash your face with a good face wash whenever you come in from outside. The dirt outside mingled with your sweat blocks the pores of your skin. A good face wash removes the blocks and allows your skin to have a proper intake of oxygen, needed to keep the skin healthy and wrinkle free.

d)      Apply freshly prepared sandalwood or turmeric paste after washing the skin with a proper face wash or soap. Let the paste dry on your skin and then after 5-10 minutes, remove the paste with the help of a soft and clean piece of cloth dipped in cold water. If you do this once in a week, you can notice yourself the healthy glow and look of your skin.

e)      Never allow the formation of blackheads. Remove the blackheads periodically and apply face lotion regularly. It is advised to visit a good beauty parlor for the removal of blackheads.

f)       Avoid smoking and intake of alcohol. Smoking and alcoholic drinks speed up the natural aging process.