Tips on Sewing Hair Weaves By Yourself

Hair weaves seem to be the latest rage of the season for all women. From the simple girl next door to the famous Hollywood celebrities use this hair accessory. They are used by many women for several reasons, some of which include hair loss due to aging or medical condition, fashion or to add thickness to thin or fine hair. There are many variations available. There are different styles, textures and application of hair weaves. They can be sewn in, glued or inserted using combs. One of the most versatile ways is sewing hair weaves and this can be done professionally by a salon or hair expert although the downside is that salons offer this service are quite expensive. The price ranges from $200-$1500.

But you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money in those fancy salons. There is a better and more affordable way in sewing hair weaves. Do-it-yourself weaves can now be done at the comforts of your own home and you can even style it to your own liking such as adding volume to your hair or adding up length to show more sophistication or maybe getting a fabulous curl for an added pizzazz.

So, you may ask, how can you start sewing one by yourself? To start with, there’s a lot of how-to blogs and websites available on the web where you can learn sewing hair weaves and doing it yourself! Added to this, with the popularity of YouTube video tutorials, you can simply look up easy do-it-yourself hair weaves and follow the basic steps in sewing hair weaves, cutting and measuring weaves properly, styling it and how to wear it fashionably.

Here are some tips to do-it-yourself sew in weaves:

1.Prepare all the necessary materials you need. Be sure you buy threads that match your natural (or dyed) hair and also the color of your hair weave or extension.

2.Begin by washing or wetting your hair and doing cornrows. To do cornrows, get a chunk of your hair and separate this into smaller chunks and braid them. Then, you may start from the front of your head going to the back. Get some help from a friend if you are having difficulty doing cornrows for those hard to reach parts.

3.After making cornrows about 4-5 inches long or depending on your hair length, sew in the weave to the cornrow. Overlap the first part of the weave with last inch of the cornrow.

4.Do the stitching method using a curved needle in the same exact circular order until the weave is securely attached to the base of your cornrow. This takes about 7-10 times. Ensure that it is attached well by genlty tugging on the weave. Ask for assistance from a friend if possible to avoid getting poked when sewing.

5.When you feel that the hair weave or extension is completed, place the needle lengthwise along the side of the extension. Insert the needle below all the loops of the stitching and tie off the thread. Repeat this several times until you feel that the extension is secured.

6.Dry off your hair; add your personal touch or bling and you’re ready to go!