Tips on Using MySpace Birthday Codes

MySpace birthday codes allow members to add birthday wishes to the comment area on their friends’ profiles. You must be a member at MySpace to post birthday codes. With just a few simple steps of copying and pasting, you can post images to your friends’ profiles to wish them a happy birthday.


MySpace birthday codes are banners, graphics, or comments that MySpace members can leave at a friend’s profiles to wish her a happy birthday. Codes are left in the comment section of a profile by copying and pasting html code provided by the website where the image was found. Birthday codes are often left in the comment section of a profile. Individuals must be a member of MySpace to post comments.


It is easy to add birthday codes to another member’s profile. Find the birthday code that you would like to use at a website that offers the codes, copy the code to your clipboard, and then paste it inside the comment section of the profile. To copy the code, highlight it with your mouse, then right click, and then select “Copy.” There may be a “Copy to Clipboard” button, too. You may click that to copy as well. Then go to your friend’s profile page, click, “Add Comment,” and then right click your mouse inside the comment box. Select “Paste,” and the code will be pasted inside the comment box. Click “OK.” You should be able to preview your comment once it has been posted.


Many types of birthday codes are available . Some feature funny pictures of animals, birthday themed pictures such as balloons, cakes, and presents, animated graphics with glowing candles, cartoon characters, flashing text, or even a chance to leave your own pictures as well. Give your friend a virtual “gift,” by pasting a code that represents a present in the comment area.
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