Tips to Increase Visits to Your Website

Whether for a business purpose or personal use, you may be among the millions of people worldwide who are interested in figuring out tips to increase visits to your website. It may be to increase awareness of a cause, market an innovative product, introduce a new service, enhance networking connections, or even just to make a bigger splash into social media; but whatever the case may be, the solutions do not need to be overly complex or difficult. In fact, a few of the best tips for increasing website traffic are actually somewhat simple.

Cross Promotion

If yourcompany or personal branding have a website, you should be putting the URL address on everything. That means t-shirts, mailers, business cards, e-mail signatures, brochures, pamphlets, commercials, radio spots, magazine ads, blog posts, press releases, and any other form of visibility booster should all blatantly involve your web address. This remains one of the most crucial tips to increase visits to your website simply because not only can nobody go to your website if nobody knows how to get there, but the same people that are buying those products and on those mailing lists are the same people that would be more likely to visit your site to begin with. Promoting your website across all available avenues is among the surest ways to add hits and visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

The term “search engine optimization” is met with mixed reactions, as some people view it as a pseudo-science full of false promises and misunderstood principles, while others see SEO as among the most important aspects of the web to learn in the modern era. Even if you do not understand the fine mechanics of meta tags and keyword insertions, what matters is this: If you are smart about what content you put onto the web and how, you can actually get people to land on your website from Google searches. This especially applies if yourbusiness or personal brand is highly specialized, or local; if so, you have a niche market to corner, and you should be sure to monopolize relevant search results. Tons of articles have been written elsewhere about SEO, and having even just a basic understanding of the concept can be among the significant tips to increase visits to your website and attract new visitors.


A website or other Internet account can be used for social media and/or information sharing, but many entities seem to forget the “social” and “sharing” parts of those concepts. If  you have a Facebook page, for example, then you should be updating it regularly, posting interactive updates such as poll questions, and ensuring that you are in touch with your fans and not just appearing to be an automatically updated bot page. If you have a Twitter feed, for instance, then you should take full advantage of the “@” sign to specifically target valued followers with shout-outs and personalized comments. Remember: In order to attract more people to your site, one of the tips to increase visits to your website is to prove that you are an online force that is worth following and caring about, since you in turn care about your inquirers.

Other tips to increase visits to your website include offering unique content that cannot be found elsewhere, utilizing viral strategies for singularly explosively popular posts to direct people to your site, maintaining such a high quality of content that it practically promotes itself, and devoting meaningful marketing budget dollars specifically to advertise and promote your website. Whatever your situation, you likely have a subject you care about, and a website that you would like more people to visit; the fact remains that, in order to see that desire fulfilled, you must engage in an equal measure of both common sense and cunning strategy.