Tips To Keep Your Vegetables Fresh And Green

Tips On Refreshing Your Vegetables

1. If vegetables are not fresh, refresh them by plunging them into cold salt water an hour before cooking.

2. Old potatoes should be pared as thin as possible and be thrown at once into cold salt water for several hours, changing the water once or twice. irish or sweet potatoes if frozen, must be put into bake without thawing.

3. Wipe Plunged vegetables before cooking.

4. Onions should be soaked in warm salt water an hour before cooking to modify their flavor

5. Lettuce, greens and celery are sometimes best cleaned by using warm water, though they must be thrown out once when cleaned, into cold water.

6. To steam vegetables is better than to boil them, as they retain their flavor better and they are less likely to be water-soaked.

Tips To Keep Your Fruits And Vegetables Green

Soft water should be used for dry vegetables, such as split peas, lentils and beans, and hard water for green ones. Water is made soft by using a half teaspoonful of bi-carbonate of soda to a gallon of water, and hard by using one teaspoonful of salt to a gallon of water.

As soon as the water boils, before it parts with its gases, put in the vegetables. Use open vessels except for spinach. The quicker they boil the better. As soon as tender, take them out of the water, drain and dress for the table. Never let them remain in the water after they are once done.

Fresh vegetables boil in about 1/3 of the time of old ones. A little bi-carbonate of soda added to the boiling water before greens are put in will serve to keep their color.

A pinch of pearl ash put into boiling peas will render old yellow ones, quite tender and green.

A little sugar improves beets, turnips, peas, corn, squash, tomatoes and pumpkins, especially if they are not in prime condition.

A little lime boiled in water improves very watery potatoes.

A piece of red pepper the size of a finger nail, or a small piece of bread crust, dropped in with boiling vegetables will modify unpleasant odors.

Egg-plant and old potatoes are often put on to cook in cold salt water. It is claimed that onions, carrots, and turnips cook quicker if cut in rings across the fiber. Clean all vegetables thoroughly to remove all dirt and insects.