Today is The Sweetest Day

Today, the third Saturday of October, is observed as Sweetest Day. It is a novel celebration observed primarily in the Great Lakes region in Canada, and parts of the Northeast United States. The main purpose of this observance is to make others happy bysharing some sweets and gifts with them.

History of Sweetest Day observance

Cleveland is the birthplace of Sweetest Day observance where it had its origin in 1922. Herbert Birch Kingston, who was working in a candy company wanted to bring happiness into the lives of orphans and other neglected people. He came up with an idea of distributing sweets to such people would make them happy. Many of his friends encouraged his philanthropic idea of making these forgotten and underprivileged people happy by distributing them sweets and some gifts.

Many philanthropists come forward

Very soon the idea spread far and wide and many benevolent hearts came forward to share this good movement. Movie stars like Ann Pennington and Theda Bara distributed boxes of candy to all the newspaper boys to express gratitude and to 10,000 patients in Cleveland hospitals as a token of making them happy. In this way, the first Sweetest Day became a day of philanthropy among the people of Great Lake region cities.

Then this day came to be observed on the third Saturday in October every year. This is an occasion to honor and express gratitude to all our people at home. It is a sweet sharing of hearts. Retail Confectioners International of this region describes that this day as an occasion which offers all of us an opportunity to remember not only our dear ones at home and our friends but also the sick, aged and orphaned who never come to our attention. Sweetest Day is also called as a day of “concocted promotion” created by the candy industry solely to increase sales of sweets in the season of fall.

An apt occasion in the Fall

Fall is a season of looking back and forward. Nature reminds us the changing fortunes. Life isto share and make others happy. It is the purpose of the entertaining Halloween all the people in the west, celebrating Diwali by the Hindus and observing the Great Sacrifice festival of Muslims in this season. 

Why Sweetest Day?

On the eve of the first Sweetest Day newspaper of the region “the Cleveland Plain Dealer” published on October 8, 1922 about the unique purpose of celebrating this day in Fall.
It began saying, “The Sweetest Day of the Year is the 3rd Saturday of this month.
Love is always the dominant motif in a successful life. Most of us have love in our hearts, but too often it remains there, never manifesting itself before those who inspire it.”

The sweetness of this Sweetest Day is spreading all over the US. Why not it spread the whole world and make the world a happier place?