Top 10 Richest Men in The World

Money has been since its inception, one of the most important factors in everyone’s life. They say that money can not buy some things, but the fact remains that they are liable to get many. And more than others can afford the ten richest people in the planet and who are they?

I hear about them on television or read in newspapers, but nobody was able to assign a face to a particular name. But I am of the opinion that the elite top ten richest people in the planet, this fact does not matter. They are rich, they are famous, have prestige, but in the chronicle of their history is mostly have a very comprehensive chapter on the commitment, diligence and zealousness for the 200% thing. Only a fool would think they could have their fabulous wealth and it fell into their lap itself. Have a look at the brief overview on the celebrity net worth of greatest riches of the planet Earth.

1st Carlos Slim Helu

U.S. $ 68.7 billion – the company Telmex, Mexico

2nd Bill Gates

U.S. $ 58.0 billion – Microsoft, USA

3rd Warren Buffett

U.S. $ 49.0 billion – Berkshire Hathaway, USA

4th Ingvar Kamprad

U.S. $ 33.0 billion – the company Ikea, Sweden

5th Lakshmi Mittal

U.S. $ 32.0 billion – Mittal Steel Company, India

6th Sheldon Adelson

U.S. $ 26.5 billion – the company Las Vegas Sands, United States

7th Bernard Arnault

U.S. $ 26.0 billion – Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA, France

8th Amancio Ortega

U.S. $ 24.0 billion – the company Zara, Spain

9th Li Ka-shing

U.S. $ 23.0 billion – the company Cheung Kong, Hong Kong

10th David Thomson

U.S. $ 22.0 billion – by The Thomson Corporation, Canada