Top #20 Worst Movies of 2018

If you are a film fan, this post will come up interesting! We always wait for our favorite movies to come out but not every Hollywood release is a home run.Isn’t it? Here is a list of 20 movies you should avoid watching if you don’t want to waste your time. Make sure you don’t miss #7, #5 and #3: they are awful!

#20. Insidious: The Last Key

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This fourth installment of the Insidious saga was announced in 2016 and fans started getting goosebumps of anticipation. Sony set the release date on October 20, 2017 just in time for spooky season but it was shouldered out by Happy Death Day so The Last Key was finally released in January 2018. When the film hit theaters everybody understood the reason for the shuffle, the film isn’t very good and critics didn’t wait to absolutely hammer it. Even though that this release wasn’t at all creative its $166 million worldwide gross shows that Insidious 5 is all but inevitable.

#19. Proud Mary

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The talented Taraji P. Henson plays the role of a badass contract killer who finds herself responsible for the welfare of  a young boy after a job goes sideways. Knowing that Henson is the star on this film and its exciting trailers made it seem like an absolute sure thing but unfortunately the film seemed slapped together out of spare parts. Even though Henson delivered an amazing performance,the major problems in the film lay on the dialogue, the camera work and the editing.

“Taraji P. Henson is such a firecracker she almost makes you believe Proud Mary might have been a decent crime flick if she fired the asses of the clueless dudes who wrote and directed it and took on those jobs herself,” said Peter Travers of Rolling Stone.

#18. Midnight Sun

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This film was directed by music video director turned feature filmmaker Scott Speer who previously scored a minor hit: Step Up: Revolution.This time Speer surprised us with an adaptation of the Japanese feature Midnight Sun, starring Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger. It’s the story of a teenage girl with a rare and life-threatening genetic sensitivity to sunlight, who is finally asked out by her secret crush but instead of tugging heartstrings, the film left critics and audience alike cold with its rather artificial portrayal of an actual, deadly condition. Xeroderma pigmetosum, the condition that Thorne suffers in the film, is known to be an extremely disfiguring disease but Thorne’s skin is luminously perfect throughout the whole film.

#17. Forever My Girl

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The film directed by Bethany Ashton Wolf is the story of a country music star who returns home for the funeral of a friend only to face the lost love he left behind. British actor Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe play the leads on this film that seem to be the type of thing that well-known Nicholas Sparks might have come up with. Every critic who viewed it made sarcastic comments and even mocked at the film.

“It’s a poorly-made film, with rough edits, distracting staging and plot contrivances that can be predicted to the moment… there’s an almost startling lack of chemistry between the leads, as if they performed their scenes a year apart from each other on different continents…[it’s] as if every third scene was cut out randomly, and every camera angle came down to a fourth choice, “ The San Francisco Chronicles‘s  Peter Hartlaub said.

#16. Sherlock Gnomes

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Disney/Touchstone‘s 2011 animated Gnomeo and Juliet was a surprised hit and its box office returns were more than enough to guarantee a sequel. Sherlock Gnomes spent six years in development but all of those years weren’t spent crafting a watchable picture. This outing bored everybody despite having Johnny Deep in the title role.

#15. Death Wish


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This film timing wasn’t the best, it was delivered in the middle of the real-life debate raging over guns in America and suffered for it. Death Wish is a remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson film, this version features Bruce Willis as Paul Kersey who takes up arms to clean up the streets of Chicago after his daughter and his wife were murdered by thugs. Roth failed to direct Willis as Kersey and this version also failed to strike box office gold so there is no hope for this story to spawn a sequel unlike The Bronson original which spawned four.

#14. The Cloverfield Paradox

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The Cloverfield Paradox is the third installment in JJ abrahams’ sci-fi/horror series. What it could have been a virtually unprecedented marketing coup turned out to be a major disappointment to the fans. The film’s trailer was dropped during the airing of the Super Bowl in February and it was released to Netflix directly after the game. Paradox was originally intended for a theatrical release but lately Paramount COO Andrew Gumpert told that they sell off distribution to Netflix because: “there were things about it that made us have a pause about its commercial playability in the traditional way.”

#13. Winchester

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This film is based on the true story of Sarah Winchester, the heir to the Winchester fortune, who built what could be considered the mother of all haunted houses. It was written and directed by Spiering Brothers and in the title role is played by Helen Mirren. Winchester was supposed to be a memorable film one of those that come along once every decade but it didn’t live up to expectations.

#12. A Wrinkle in Time

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This Ava Duvernay´s adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle‘s classic 1962 YA novel A Wrinkle in Time raised high expectations. The film presented an amazing cast that included Storm Reid, Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey that is why it looked to be another winner for Disney but unfortunately its critics and its box office receipts were flat. Fans felt disappointed by the adaptation’s failure to match the novel’s tone.

“It isn’t nearly as successful as the director’s previous work. It’s based on one of those novels that’s long been described as un-adaptable, only to result in a movie that proved such naysayers right,” said Stephen Silver from Splice Today.

#11. The Outsider

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Jared Leto‘s career has been in a roller-coaster since he turned an actor and won an Oscar for his role played in the 2013 Dallas Buyers Club. In this film, Leto stars as a former American soldier who joins the Yakuza in post-World War II Japan, his character has been pointed out to be an uninspired lead who failed to engage with the role. That’s gotta hurt!

#10. Acrimony

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Taraji P. Henson had a rough year, first she was part of the huge disappointment Proud Mary and now she took the lead role in Acrimony a film made by Tyler Perry who has a history of making films that critics love to hate! Henson portrays a wife whose cheating husband pushes her to the brink of insanity but even though her performance was formidable, it wasn’t enough to save this film from doom.

“Despite all its Fatal Attraction–style trappings, Acrimony is a bloated drama at odds with itself and its characters. Who exactly are we supposed to root for here? The scorned woman or the husband who clearly did her wrong but tries to make amends?” said The Village Voice.

#9. I Feel Pretty

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Amy Schumer is well-known for being a funny woman but lately she had a hard time hitting the stride with her film projects. In this film, Schumer is an average-sized woman who awakens from an accident believing she is a supermodel. Although this seemed to be the perfect premise for Schumer‘s brand of comedy , it ended up as a failure. Critics pictured it as waste of Schumer and the rest of the cast which included Naomi Campbell, Michelle Williams and Lauren Hutton.

#8. Overboard


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Comedy reboots never go well,this year’s Overboard is a gender-swapped version of the Kurt Russell/Goldie Hawn vehicle from 1987 and it faced an uphill battle from the moment it was announced. Faris plays a working-class mom hired to clean the boat of a Mexican playboy who takes advantage of the situation when her employer falls overboard and turns up with amnesia, convincing her that he’s her husband. Not even Faris presence could save this unnecessary retread.

#7. Slender Man

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Plot details were kept secret during the film production and when the film hit theaters it was clear why we hadn’t heard much of the plot, there wasn’t much of one to speak about! The story was paper-thin and it lacked of genuine scares. Slender Man‘s story was so dull made that in the end no one cared about it!

#6. Gringo

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Audiences were unaware of this action/comedy film.Despite an insanely accomplished cast featuring  David Oyelowo, Charlize Theron, and Amanda Seyfried the film flopped spectacularly in wide release grossing only $11 million worldwide. It portrays the story of a mild-mannered American (Oyelowo) who goes all Breaking Bad on a trip south of the border.

“It can’t decide whether it wants to be magnificently toxic or merely mediocre. … This is a ‘romp’ that’s keen on going nowhere… and sloooowly” said Rolling Stone‘s David Fear

#5. Johnny English Strikes Again

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Critics found 2003’s Johnny English and 2011’s Johnny English Reborn limp and uninspired but audiences didn’t seem to care. The first  picture vacuumed up the lion’s share of it $160,000,000 worldwide gross overseas and the history repeated itself with the sequel. But could the third time be the charm? Not this time! Johnny English Strikes Again barely hit up U.S box office while positively cleaning up in foreign markets. As for American critics, they certainly weren’t amused.

“This movie might succeed as a competent but forgettable romp for 8-year-olds in a world where Austin Powers, The Pink Panther, and Get Smart didn’t exist for some reason,” said Entertainment Weekly‘s Dana Schwartz.

#4. Mile 22

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Mark Wahlberg would win more Oscars if he stopped accepting scripts like Mile 22. This film promised, but failed, to let us in on the inner workings of the CIA‘s most highly-prized and least understood unit. Many critics complained about the poorly developed characters , shaky camera work and uneven editing. The film plotting also became into fire because of its emphasis on gun-slinging action sequences over everyting else.

#3. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

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Big-budget fantasy outings weren’t a success this 2018, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms could have been a spectacular Holiday themed film with a ginormous budget and amazingly rendered visuals but it didn’t live up to expectations.Everybody was visually dazzled by it but  it wasn’t enough to carry a story that felt curiously hollow and that featured flat performances from its overqualified cast. Not even the presence of top-notch actors could save a ramshackle script and a story strangely lacking in genuine emotion.

#2. Fifty Shades Freed

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The presence of this film on this list could have been predicted the moment it was announced. The third installment in the Fifty Shades series follows a jaw-droppingly awful original and a sequel that sported a dismal 10 percent Rotten Tomatoes score en route to being named one of the worst films in a year that produced a lot of stinkers. Freed is an unqualified success that posted insane box office numbers.

#1. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald


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Fans of the Harry Potter saga were over the moon when they found out that the novella Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them would be adapted into further five movies, and the first installment largely lived up to their expectations. Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindewald brought Albus Dumbledore and evil wizard Gellert Grindewald‘s conflict to the forefront with disappointing results. Crimes was found to be an uninspired continuation of the story despite Rowling‘s always entertaining writing.