Top 25 Baby Memes for New Parents

Love and joy come when a new baby arrives… But so do lots of problems! Take a look at our list of baby memes.

#25. Parents think that their baby has always been beautiful… Until they look at the newborn pics!

Photo: Courtesy of Becky Barnicoat / Buzzfeed

Cute, right?

#24. Luckily, babies eventually transform into something beautiful, unlike your home when a baby is around…

Photo: Courtesy of bless3dmama / Via Instagram

It’s the perfect time to receive some guests.

#23. The true adventure begins when you decide to take your baby to the outside world.

Photo: Courtesy of newmomstribe / Via Instagram

Every parent feeling nervous in 3, 2, 1…

#22. And what about one of the most nerve wracking situations ever?

Photo: Courtesy of Belinda Pretorius / Getty Images

Let the nerves begin!

#21. Still, you gotta cut those baby nails. Otherwise…

Photo: Courtesy of life_of_a_parent / Via Instagram

Ready to grab mom’s hand!

#20. Babies might be cute, but that doesn’t mean that they are willing to make things easier.

Photo: Courtesy of honestmomma23

Talking about some cooperation, right?

#19. Babies may not cooperate, but they sure are easy to afford…

Photo: Courtesy of memesmuffin / Via Instagram 

… or aren’t they?

#18. Let’s not ignore the new responsibilities

Photo: Courtesy of kinacle / Via Instagram

They sure are entertaining!

#17. As a new parent, it will take some time to get used to them…

Photo: Courtesy of honestmomma23 / Via Instragram 

And they might even feel like a challenge!

#16. A challenge full of the unexpected!

Photo: Courtesy of yorealmama / Via Instagram 


#15. Let’s not forget that you will make some mistakes every now and then.

Photo: Courtesy of thatswhatmommysaid / Via Instagram


#14. Diapers are nothing compared to nights, though…

Photo: Courtesy of momgiggles / Via Instagram

It is at night when the true dare begins!

#13. Parents are nothing but a ball of stress when it comes to getting their baby down for the night.

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Tic, toc, tic, toc…

#12. Gotta appreciate those few minutes of sleep.

Photo: Courtesy of onlytwitterpics / Via Disney

Your baby will teach you to do so!

#11. Your baby will become Priority #1…

Photo: Courtesy of momatastic / Via Instagram

… and #2, and #3, and #4. Let’s just say that you will forget about everything else.

#10. As a new parent, you’ll be forever tired.

Photo: Courtesy of kiddoughtm / Via Instagram

“Could I be lucky enough to sleep for 2 hours in a row?”

#9. You may forget about other “activities”…

Photo: Courtesy of brandon_harshe / Via Instagram

“Sex? What is that?”

#8. Not only will you be tired, but also you’ll learn the true meaning of a new feeling…

Photo: Courtesy of themomatlaw / Via Instagram

E N V Y !

#7. Let’s not forget about the wise in-laws!

Photo: Courtesy of kathmondu / Via Instagram

Alwyays ready to help…and by help we mean judge.

#6. As a new mom, sometimes you have to embrace change.

Photo: Courtesy of macaroniandmomjeans / Via Instagram

Who doesn’t love a make over?

#5. And what about dad?

Photo: Courtesy of mommymemest / Via Instagram

You’re in for a ride, too!

#4. Sometimes you will need a night out.

Photo: Courtesy of Obvious Plant / Via Instagram


#3. In time, you’ll get the hang of it.

Photo: Courtesy of theparentsarealright / Via Instagram

And it will get a lot easier!

#2. And you feel happier…

Photo: Courtesy of mommywinetime / Via Instagram

… even though some new problems may arise!

#1. But in the end, it all comes down to this…

Photo: Courtesy of BuzzFeed