Top Cat: The Complete Series Dvd Set

Top Cat: The Complete Series DVD set is part of the Hanna-Barbera Classic Collection.  These cartoons are a real trip.  They took me back to a time when not much mattered except for watching happy cartoons.  Voiced by respected actor, Arnold Stang, Top Cat is a clever cat with a gang of lovable but mischievous felines.

There is a plastic holder that has a cast photo on the cover.  There is a write up about the series and DVD set on the back cover, which also has another photo.

The disks are actually in a case that folds open to the right and left.  Three disks have their own dedicated slots, but the fourth one is two-sided, which is disappointing.  The case does clearly identify what is on each disks, and aside from the one with material on both sides, the other disks are playful and colorful with character images on them.  The case is very festive and fun and includes some trivia questions and answers on it.

There are 6 shows per single-sided disk, and each disk has some special feature on it, which is nice.

Commentary is included on 3 episodes which is fun. I love how they point out a few goofs and such along the way, including their own pet peeves about the opening theme.  Part of the commentary team were Leo De Lyon and Earl Kress.

I was happy to see that the Top Cat set included my beloved “play all” option.

Among the bonus material was a neat storyboard feature where the storyboard and end result plays side by side for an entire episode.  This really lets you see the vision as it came to life.

Another extra was a featurette called Back to Hoagy’s Alley: The Making of Top Cat that goes character by character and discusses how the show came about.

On the negative side, my set had an issue on the first disk where the two last episodes would not play, no matter what I did.  It is regretful that there were some production problems.  Even so, I do recommend the set for the great characters and fun stories.