Top Five Ways to Save Money

  1. Rewards credit/debit cards
    Sign up for either a rewards debit card or or credit card. There are many different banks that offer their customers rewards or a certain percent cash back made from purchases. Use the card with the most rewards as your everything card. Each dollar will add up. And since credit card and debit cards have a statement that you look at every month, where all your money goes.
  2. Interest Bearing Checking Accounts
    Some places offer a checking account with rewards. There are those that require a certain balance or you may have a minimum of certain transactions per month, such as a monthly direct deposit or a required minimum of debit card usages. Beware of fine print before you sign up for somethign that is too good to be true.
  3. Online Savings
    There are many deals available online. Before you buy something online you should do a search online to find websites such as or that will give you a percentage back from your total purchase when you login and use ther website to direct you.

    This is my refer link to Ebates if you would like to sign up from me.

    This is my refer link if you would like to try out UPromise.

    These are pretty awesome if you are able to search for online coupons for even better deals or free shipping That way you would be able to get a percent back with your card, a percent back with the website you choose to shop through, and sometimes stack coupons together. You can try or

  4. Coupons
    Another benefit of the internet is that you are able to do searches for coupons for your retail stores. Some companies will send you special offers or manufactuer coupons if you sign up on thier website. Sometimes they might even offer sample orders or coupons where you can print out directly. ( You should check with your store since not all honor internet coupons. Some example sites are or With manufactuer coupons, you will be able to save even more money by combining the coupons with sale items.
  5. Change Jar
    Make it a habit to pick up or to save all your change. Every penny and dollar counts! Put the jar by the front door or wherever you tend to pass by often and empty out your pockets. To make it more fun, it can also be your swear jar too.