Top Seo Software Guarantees First Page Google Rankings

Online Business is thriving than ever before with Home Based jobs getting more and more popular as the availability of qualified work force which has grown in abundance over the last few years.You can choose to have your Online Business and earn money from it or else you can render your service to other Business Owners as a Virtual Assistant,SEO Specialist, Affiliate Marketer etc.

If you are going focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is highly imperative that you learn the basics of SEO.Once learned, SEO can be a great money making avenue.SEO is a constantly evolving process especially with search engines like Google which often keeps changing its Search Engine Ranking criterion.With these constant changes the use of SEO tools has become more of a compulsion rather than an option.

If you are really serious about SEO as a profession then there are plenty of SEO softwares available in the market but only a few standout.Internet Business Promoter (IBP) is an award winning top SEO software that guarantees first page search engine rankings or else your money back.

This tool can be used for both On-page Optimization such as…


    * Keyword use in document title for the given keywords.

    * Current Search Engine Rank Position (SERPs) of your website.

    * Global link popularity of a Web Site.

    * Link texts of inbound links.

    * Links from Social networks.

    * Server Speed

    * Number of visitors to the site.

    * Keyword use in Meta Tags.

    * Keyword use in outbound link texts.

And other SEO related tasks such as,

Link Building

a) 1 way links/Back links

b) 2 way links/Reciprocal links

d) Organic links

e) Natural links

f) Broken Links Checking

Search Engine Submission

Social Bookmarking

Affiliate Marketing

Keyword Research

With added report generation functionality for every SEO task accomplished, IBP SEO software can help you make ‘solid profits’ online apart from generating a consistent revenue.A free version of IBP SEO software is available to download so you can try before you buy.