Top Ten Rules Of The Convention Anime

For starters, there is a Japanese anime convention or “con”, for short, is a large gathering of fans of anime games, manga and video.

Anime conventions vary from one group of 100 people in 5000, and a variety of activities to do. Manga libraries, game rooms, panels, cosplay, dealer rooms, cafes and host guest speakers, such as voice actors, artists and writers. So no matter what your interest for the anime, there’s always something to do!

For those who have never been a scam souls first, the experience can be exciting and scary at the same time. I have experienced in the range of emotions with my first time.

This list is intended to help first time visitors to the Convention, or someone who has already passed, but was less fun than they wanted. Trust me when I say that these rules of great help if it is followed. Both me and my mother is a veteran who frequent and live by them. They served well, and I hope to do the same for you.

1) Always pre-register. So, it costs less money and not have to wait very long registration lines.

2) Never, under any circumstances, wear a suit blurred. Even if you go to the Arctic Circle. Do not put a fuzzy animal costume or anything remotely heavy, as it will be sticky and miserable.

3) Always wear appropriate footwear. This means no platform shoes, six inch heels, flip flops, or shoes made to measure motion. I say custom shoes because you will get more than enough time to break them in, but do not want for fear of hacking, gratings, or walking into something serious while wearing them. Breaking in new shoes at a conference, it’s like to send you to torture. So unless you like your feet are bleeding and pain, wear comfortable shoes that you have already broken in shoes, school shoes, boots … something you know is comfortable for many hours and many miles.

4) Well, I know we all want to see exactly how our favorite character, even if they have blue hair to toe, but if you can avoid not wearing a wig. Not unless it’s winter and you’re used to wear wigs. Try to choose a character with your hair color or death if you feel comfortable with that, or maybe buy hair extensions from a place that sells them. That’s how I avoid using them.

5) Always dress for the season and location. If this is the middle of summer, do not select a character with three coats of like Ed or Fullmetal Alchemist Tsubasa Chronicles Fai. Still, if you are in Canada during the winter, do not dress in uniform thin as Yuko from Gurren Lagan or Black Rock Shooter. I saw it once and never again I wear three layers in the middle of summer.

6) Remember to bring little things like a small first aid kit, some Tums Band-Aids, Advil, and maybe even a little sewing kit just in case an accident occurs. As a healthy snack and water – and not just candy or junk, but some foods that are really nutritious. We always put the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and granola bars. Plus it is good to know that food prices in conventions is quite steep, so be aware.

7) Do not swords or large accessories. Unless you are going into direct competition, or are in the cycle, in which you want the image to be taken, ditch the swords in a car or motel. Try to take characters that are smaller guns, swords or the plugs, so you do not poking in the eye and bring out 6-foot sword behind you all day as the albatross. And you must have all the security checks of the Convention and the weapons are in place to keep them. So, if you go with smaller weapons, go to a tree, because it’s lighter weight and safety will be able to tell that immediately.

You should also know that if you buy a sword, while the Convention, you can start using it. You need to go put it in the car or hotel room immediately. And they firmly that employees at the entrance and exit.

8) If you want an autograph lines are at least an hour in advance, and perhaps even an hour and a half, depending on how big is the con. If you do not arrive in time, they’ll turn away, because they actually have a cutoff point for how many people they let in the series.

9) Do your shopping on Friday. They just things quickly and on Saturday is wall to wall people. Also, bring cash and wonder if a seller is speed. You do not want to spend the little money you have that in a store that accepts debit cards. And remember, just because you can buy cheaper online sale does not mean that you do not get a bootleg. In person, you can see what you are getting, and conventions are the rule not bootlegs. More online shipping will be charged, which increases the cost of any item.

10) Make a list of everything. I know it sounds silly, but this really helps. You end up forgetting the things that you might have forgotten. Things like cosplay supplies, medicines, snacks, cameras, instructions, registration, or even just a list of what you want to buy. I have a 2-3 lists each year, and beyond, when it prevented me from forgetting something.

That about sums up, but here’s my final suggestion, to search for video online, and that will give you a better understanding of how it is busy.

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