Training to be an Occupational Therapist Assistant

The heart of occupational therapy lies in providing rehabilitation services to help disabled people, so that they can live productive lives. The ultimate goal of occupational therapy is to provide various functional abilities to individuals, allowing them to become involved in their communities, as they see fit.

Occupational therapist assistants play an important role in helping individuals who need specialized assistance, due to physical or mental deficits. Occupational therapist assistants work under the supervision of registered occupational therapists, to address a wide variety of clients, by administering various therapy treatments. Occupational therapy clients come from diverse social and economic backgrounds, constitute a wide age bracket, and require custom treatments. Client treatments may range from helping an individual adjust to a recent injury, to teaching a developmentally disabled person on the basics of day-to-day activities. Modules and programs are developed to address patients physically, developmentally, and/or mentally.

What is the Focus of an Occupational Therapist Assistant Program?

A good occupational therapist assistant school will offer a highly flexible, student-centric, and manageable program. The occupational therapist assistant program is a perfect match for busy adults, who have ongoing professional commitments.

Under most circumstances, an occupational therapist assistant program can be completed in less than two years. Graduates of occupational therapist assistant school should be prepared to address the rehabilitative needs of patients in a wide variety of settings. Sample work environments include in and outpatient hospitals, psychiatric institutions, school systems, living and development centers, and early intervention programs.

Prospective students and individuals interested in occupational therapy assistant school should possess the ability to relate well to other people. They should be able to remain upbeat and positive, no matter how stressed they may be because the occupational therapist assistant career requires practitioners to provide psychological support to others. Students of an occupational therapist assistant program are also expected to have excellent interpersonal skills. Prospective students should be able to communicate fluently with others, via writing and verbally.

Occupational therapist assistant school is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to work in some of the fastest-growing fields in the medical and wellness industries. Occupational therapist assistant program is designed for considering a career in therapeutic massage and rehabilitative services.