Transcend Mp3 Player For Music Enthusiast

ur favourite tracks. We have the MP3 Players to make our life simple and straight. The devices store several songs without requiring large storage space. There is an innumerable variety of digital MP3 players available in the market. MP3 players from Transcend are technology at its best. No one can afford to miss it. They feature striking collection of value-added functions including a digital voice recorder, a recordable FM and a time-zone adjustable world clock. They provide support for newer file formats such as FLAC and MP3, WMA, WAV, and even WMA-DRM10 protected music files. .

The superb sound quality gives you unlimited digital entertainment anytime and anywhere. Transcend constantly strives to combine high tech performance with exceptional quality and an elegant design in all of its products. These players are ruling the music world and are very popular among youngsters. It’s going to me more popular and in demand in the near future. They have attractive features like easy portability, flawless function and light weight. MP3 players are an advantage technology for all the music lovers.The designs of the mp3 players from Transcend are outstanding and have complete focus on excellence and performance. Transcends players have great quality sound that are very durable with affordable prices. The music device has superb features and also supports newer file formats like the FLAC and OGG, WAV, MP3, WMA and also WMA-DRM10 protected files of music. Transcend player’s have large built-in speaker which the users can listen to great sounding music without headphones and easily share their favorite songs with friends and loved ones. The device also comes with advanced equalizer effects and can be customized according to the way you want. The device also plays FLV movies with amazing video quality on the 2.4 inch high resolution screen.More than just a music player, the MP860 is also designed for playing MPEG4 SP (XVID) and FLV movies with excellent audio and video quality on its bright and colorful 2.4-inch high-resolution screen. For storing videos, music and photos, the MP860 comes with up to 8GB of built-in memory, and also features a convenient microSD/microSDHC expansion slot for virtually unlimited digital entertainment—anytime, anywhere. If you are looking forward to buy yourself a special gift or make your loved ones feel how special they are, just go for digital MP3 Player this season.