Travel In Style And Comfort

Everybody looks forward to a holiday; long lazy days on the beach are so precious and worth savouring and dreaming of compared to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, travelling can be a nightmare, from leaving your home to arriving at your holiday destination can be a stressful experience making you feel tired and traumatized especially after a particularly uncomfortable night spent long haul. The key to arriving at your destination looking and feeling fresh is dressing in comfort and luxury when you travel.

Start by grabbing a few great basic layering pieces in thin wool jersey, linen or cashmere so that your body temperature is regulated. By using natural fibres your body will not feel under as much stress and so you may be able to relax more. Soft fabrics are often great when flying as they help you relax. A great cashmere blanket or wrap can be thrown on or off and can be folded up small to fit into a bag on arrival in a hot place.

When flying it is always practical to leave complicated garments behind, in security clothing with buckles and complicated fastenings should be jettisoned in favour of wraparound and loose tying options. It is also worth searching for long wraps that can be tied in multiple ways to give you a versatile look.

Jeans can make you feel bloated and restricted, instead opt for stretchy fabrics with 5% Elastane in natural fabrics such as modal or cashmere jersey as they stretch enough to allow a feeling of relaxation, especially when they have a large flat waistband. They can also still look smart especially when worn in classic black or charcoal.

To finish slip on pumps rather than sandals or boots and it is often a good idea to keep a pair of cashmere socks in your bag to put on when you feel like a sleep for that little bit of added luxury.

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Fiona Muller is a trained textile designer and has written a textile thesaurus. She is interested in loungewearfashion and how it can work for anyone regardless of age, size or race.