Traveling the Canada Cross Country Ski-Doo Trail.

Canada is dedicated to providing it’s citizens and the tourists who regale us with their travel dollars an abundance of recreational trails.  In the summer time, you can bicycle from coast to coast to coast on bicycle trails, but you would have to bike about 70 percent of the time on roads.  During the winter months, the cross-Canada ski doo trail connects Prince Edward Island’s North shore with Vancouver, British Columbia’s Stanley Park.  The trail winds through the edges of farmers’ fields, and along volunteer-cleared trails through the woods.

There are many trails that connect smaller towns, and these trails mostly run either through hydro line routes or along the side (not too close!) of train tracks.  They allow you access to the amenities that you may need, like parts for your machines, food and drink, and a warm place to sleep for a night.  Along the cross country Canada ski doo trail, there are empty cabins, with a fire-fueled stove, running water, kitchen and cots for at least 8 people, with table and chairs, but no electricity.  You leave the place in the shape it was in when you arrived, or cleaner, when you leave.

As long as there is snow for the entire trail, you can readily ski doo from the east coast of Canada to the west coast, or vice versa.  You can head north at pretty much anyplace you want, and through some rather clever map usages, end up in the frozen tundra of the northern climes.  There are signs posted telling the ski doers where gas stations ans restaurants, motels and trail cabins, fire pits and camping stations are located.  Every 25 miles there is a board posted with daily weather reports, and the conditions of the trails in both directions,

When you do try to cross Canada on the cross country ski doo trail, the Prairie Provinces may either turn you into people sickles, or bore you to death.  Driving a ski doo on a dead straight line, mile after thousands of miles, with nary a hill or town is encountered.  The cabins come in more handy here than at any other point of the cross Canada ski doo trail.  When, while ski dooing through Alberta, the Rocky Mountains start showing their size, your anticipation and any worries and problems melt away, and your pulse quickens the closer you get.

Enjoy your cross Canada ski doo trail vacation!