Triond vs Bukisa – Which Site is Right For You?

I’ve been a freelance writer for over 1 year now, I’ve been writing on many freelance sites but mainly on Triond and Factoidz, I have over 500 articles published online and just now I am trying Bukisa. Now I might not be the best to give a full and in-depth review about Bukisa but I have a little bit of experience in these kinds of sites and I just wanted to share my first points of view about this site, Bukisa, and compare it with it’s rival website, Triond.

Right now I am making around $80.00 – $90.00 Dollars a month with Triond + Google AdSense earnings, I must say I am pretty happy with the path I’ve taken writing for Triond however I’ve been experiencing some problems with Triond (low earnings) for the amount of views I am actually generating for that site, so I decided to try out Bukisa.

Ok so let’s start with the comprasion between these awesome sites, shall we?

Right so Bukisa allows you to either integrate your Google AdSense account with it and get 60% of the revenue generated by these adds or you can choose to display Chitika Adds next to your articles and be paid via PayPal. Triond on the other hand has a mix between Google AdSense and other adds displayed in your articles, so you actually get paid via Paypal at the end of each month and via Google AdSense once you reach $100.00 Dollars, you should also note that Triond splits all the revenue generated by your articles 50/50.

When writing for Triond you can publish about anything you want, even creative writing such as poems, while on Bukisa you cannot publish creative writing.

When I started to write for Bukisa a rapidly started to promote my “invite” banner all over my Blogs and websites, sadly I found that these “invites” are not what i tough they were, these are only invitations to join Bukisa and even if someone joins thanks to your invitation, they will not generate any income for you, meaning they are NOT referrals, so that’s a downside about Bukisa. Triond offers you a referral program were you’ll be earnings 10% of your referrals revenue for a lifetime, so when it come to referrals, Triond wins hands down.

Right now I am trying to discover the full potential of Bukisa so right now I’ll keep using both sites. Bukisa seems like a legit website and with a good potential, so I’ll just keep submitting a few articles and see how it goes from here and on…