Trying To Conceive (TTC)

I am a 32 year old crazy woman, I know that must be it. I have 4 bio-logical kids. Christopher 15, Malik 13, Nicole 10 and Skyler almost 9. Three step children. Jaliea 16, Keyshawn 12 and Tyson 11. My wonderful husband and I have only been married for going on 10 months. We’;;;ve known each other for 16 years and have always been friends.

 My kids dad was a drug user for many years and my children and I endured alot of crap before I left…hmmmm, maybe a new blog later. My husband and his kids mother was never actually together, but she passed away about 3 years ago due to a health issue.

 We both just feel this crazy urge to have a baby together! Now, I had a tubilagation using tubal clamps after my last son was born so, this was almost 9 years ago. So, I thought all baby making days were DONE! I had to go to a doctor and he told me “Both of my clamps are off. One tube has sufficiant scarring and one doesn’;;;t have a whole lot. With diligent work, you can have a baby.” With these words, my super craziness has been set into motion!

 Vitamins to reduce scarring and make sufficiant cervical fluid,put my husband on vitamins to make his swimmers nice and strong, basal body temps at the same time each morning, ovulation test after test. Then, one morning I get that postive ovulation test and the hubby and I start baby dancing like crazy. Only to enter the dreaded TWO WEEK WAIT (TWW). This is the time it takes an egg to be fertilized, travel the fallopian tubes and find a nice, comfy spot in my uterus. A woman can go crazy and take her husband right along with her during this time. We google every symptom, even though, deep in our hearts we know it’;;;s too early for symtoms. We imagine these crazy pregnancy symtoms and over analize every single detail. Until, that dreaded day when ugly aunt Flow rears her face and we are out for the month, go through our depression and gear up for the next month.