Turn around and go

When i look into your eyes; I can’t see what you can see.

But i know, one thing for sure, you’re looking at me.

Though I’ve seen it all before; You look at me with loving eyes;

And i know, what’s on your mind; your eyes tell no lies

Why do you love me the way you do? Even though I try;

To stop you there, before you get; I dont want your eyes to cry.

Cause I know when time has past, that I feel I always bring;

Pain and heartache, its my gift to everything.

I’ve hurt so many times before, so I’ll try to stop you there;

Before your heart is caught, In my web, my very lair.

I’ve been to hell and back; I know this fact is my own doing; my fate.

And the last thing that, I want for you, is to look at me in hate.

So turn around whilst you’re able to, and go back; find somebody new.

Live your life with someone who is deserving of you.

You can find happiness there as long as you belive and dare;

To walk away and move on, like you would if you care.

I dont deserve what you give me; I just wish that you would see:

This is how, it always was meant to be.

And yet you stay beside my bed, though I feel I’m not right in my head.

I dont want you to feel the pain, when I finally am dead.

I know that’s coming so please dont wait; Go now before it’s too late.

Live your life. Be Happy. I dont want my death to be your fate!