"Twilight Saga: New Moon": Movie Review


I was very eager to watch the second installment of the Twilight Saga: New Moon. With a staggering $142.8 million on opening weekend alone, I knew it was gonna be awesome, but boy was I disappointed. We decided to watch it last Saturday and here is my opinion and review about the movie. (Spoiler Alert!)

In “New Moon,” Edward leaves Bella for her own protection because he believed that he was just putting her in danger and she takes it really hard. All through the most part of the movie all she did was writhe in pain, screams out in agony in the middle of the night that suggests she is really longing for her undead boyfriend. And during Edward’s absence, there to pick up the pieces of the now broken Bella was Jacob her childhood friend who was quite fond of her. The two became closer to each other because of motorbikes, but before they could be anymore than just friends Jacob suddenly started to distance himself from Bella also the reason: it turns out the hunky Jacob has a gene that allows him to turn into an overgrown dog.

So here is their tragic predicament, Just like what drove Edward to leave her, if the two take the risk of being intimate together, Jacob could potentially harm her if things got out of hand between them. And all the while I just thought that they where leaving her because of her emotionless acting. Bella still yearns for Edward, who appears to her whenever when she nearly harms herself. But when Edward thought that Bella is already dead, he decided to end his life by having The Volturi (the secret vampire council) kill him. Bella runs off with Alice to save him and leaves poor old Jacob behind. What happened when she finally met Edward there, I’ll leave it for you guys to find out. But just like the first movie this sequel ended up nearly bloodless.

Actually the exciting part of the movie for me was when Jacob and the other werewolves took their shirts off. That’s all!

For those who haven’t watched it yet,  you should see it for yourself but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you about the acting part. Oh! and kudos to Alice for a job well done.