Twist and Turning You Inside Out

Life is nothing but a continuing cyclic journey of surprising “twists and turns” that at times, appear contrary to the direction in which we are wanting to head.  In fact, the road may abruptly stop throwing us in the opposite direction. Leaving us in a tailspin; confused, angry, bewildered, and uncertain as to what our next step is supposed to be. Instead of calmly reassessing the situation to note what “new” element may have been added, and how THAT element can enlighten, inspire and propel, we usually end up in a panicky state, trying to “hold on” or “get back” what we assume has been lost.  Nothing has been lost.  All things are precisely in order according to a Divine/Universal/Cosmic Plan, we are not privy to at the time.  If we could but remember that there is always a third silent partner acting in all of our endeavors {better referred to as the unknown variable}, we may save ourselves a lot of self-induced anxiety and forlorn grief.  The trouble arises because we are so determined to arrive at our destination, (a specific goal oriented target) we miss the opulent story of our life unfolding each moment.

In truth, how do we REALLY know where we are headed?  So many times, people pursue things vehemently, that in the end bring them nothing but unhappiness. And, other times people seek after things for the wrong reasons, either to please another or because it will make them a lot of money, supposedly. Neither of these objectives can ever fulfill. How many times, in your own life, have you heard the stories of people who accidentally stumbled into their passion by what appeared to be, at first, an unfortunate circumstance or situation?  Or, that by involving themselves in something they had no intention of following, ended up finding their true joy?  This could occur from volunteering, being at the so-called right place at the right time or simply placing one foot in front of the other each day without a concrete plan of action.  In other words, letting your life unfold naturally without a preset determined  course of action can offer opportunities more than you could ever dream up or imagine. There’s no doubt that life is a mysterious creature that not only continuously surprises us but constantly forces us to draw upon resources we may not be aware of. We are designed to ascend to heights yet unseen but will not push ourselves unless acted upon from outside forces. {A natural law of physics}  Enter: the unexpected events of our lives.

In order to evolve, chaos is necessary. The universe is continually throwing itself out of balance {in a state of perpetual chaos} in order to maintain equilibrium. Nothing remains static. Change is inevitable and vital. Maintaining a rigid attitude which does not allow for variance will do nothing but cause you to age before your time. Don’t be so fixed.  Don’t hold onto grudges that need releasing. It is written in ancient :manuscripts “Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”.  In other words, refuse to establish and maintain a premeditated way of life.  Be spontaneous and natural. Be convenient to yourself and you will remain true.   You can not stop what is going to happen anymore than you can change the color of your eyes. So, what do you do?  Get mad?  Scream? Demand your way? Balk and refuse to go along with the current program? Or pretend to give in but all the while hold an “ace in the hole” counting the days until you get “yours”?  “Your day will come,” you tell yourself with submerged sinister glee.  Come on.  Come down from that isolated insulated noi bathroom ivory tower; you gotta piss, sometime.   Realize you are not blameless, nor guileless. {Incidentally, the ones who have been were either killed, mutilated, crucified, or poisoned}  Which do you prefer?  Anyway, what are you trying to prove? How inconsolable are you?  How delicate and sensitive? Yeah, right. In the end, what does that get you except yucky feelings of apathy, self-perpetuated exhaustion, unfounded guilt, fake remorse and yes, maybe, even a good poignant dose of drama-infused self-pity? And, in addition, should you choose to wallow in your “I’ve been done so wrong for so long song”, people will slowly start disappearing from your life.

Accept it.  Your life is perfectly blueprinted according to your specifications whether your realize it or not.  Just because you are not aware of and don’t understand all of the multi-faceted specifics involved, does not make the plan non-existent. It’s important to become more flexible. That’s the only way you are going to have any fun.  Why burden yourself with so much unnecessary iron rod authority?  Who cares IF things don’t go exactly as you planned?  Whatever has occurred is the only plan that exists.  Wake up to your life!  Stop filling your mind with expectations.  Expectations are designed to bring forth disappointment. It’s all geared to teach you to let go of any hint of a pre-fabricated life. Natural and convenient should be your mantra. If it’s not natural and convenient for you and to you, don’t do it.  Otherwise, you will end up resenting the person or event. Believe it or not, the “twists and turns” that show up in your life do so because it is “natural and convenient” for them to do so.  Notice, no preparation required. What’s important is that you will always be the last one standing for the next adventure being written just for you. Lighten up! Enjoy whatever, however, whenever, whoever, without knowing why—–ever