Ufc 117 Results-Anderson Silva Wins By Miracle Submission

Anderson Silva defeats Chael Sonnen by triangle choke in fifth round

Anderson Silva wins by an incredible comeback win. Silva was down four rounds to nothing. Chael Sonnen dominated Anderson Silva throughout the fight. I was shocked and surprised. Chael Sonnen is a much better MMA fighter than I thought. In the fifth round (the championship round) Chael Sonnen got another takedown. Somehow, Anderson Silva lands some punches from the bottom which stun Sonnen. Anderson Silva applies a triangle choke to Sonnen. Anderson Silva pulls on Sonnen’s arm and Sonnen is forced to tap. Anderson proves he is an incredible champion. Chael Sonnen proves he can fight with the big boys in the UFC. It took one mistake by Sonnen to allow Anderson Silva to steal the fight from him. I applaud both fighters for an incredible fight. Sonnen learned he has to fight five full rounds to win the championship.

John Fitch Beats Thiago Alves by unanimous decision

Thiago Alves failed to make weight for this fight. John Fitch continuously takes Thiago Alves down to the mat the entire fight. He outclasses Alves by controlling him. This was a boring fight. John Fitch was able to control Thiago Alves. He did not really do any damage to Alves, but he dominated the fight. The crowd booed at the end of the fight because it was very boring. Thiago Alves did not show anything in this fight. He should have been able to compete with John Fitch. He was unable to do much of anything. John Fitch made the fight boring, but he won. Thiago Alves made the fight boring, he did nothing, and he lost. This fight was scored a unanimous decision for John Fitch. This fight did nothing to improve either fighter’s standings in the UFC. This is unless boredom is a popular category in the UFC.

Matt Hughes Defeats Ricardo Almeida with a choke

I thought Matt Hughes career was over. Many UFC fight fans had the same idea. Matt Hughes had been a boring fighter and lost his championship. His career seemed to be spiraling out of control. The old Matt Hughes is back in the UFC. Matt Hughes schooled Ricardo Almeida at UFC 117. Hughes knocks down Almeida with a huge left hook. Hughes jumps on Almeida and puts him in a choke hold. It was an impressive choke from the front. Almeida was forced to tap out. Matt Hughes defeats Ricardo Almeida with an impressive submission in the first round. Now fight fans are going to give Matt Hughes the credit he deserves. He easily defeated a very good/ excellent MMA fighter in Almeida.

Junior Dos Santos uses Roy “Big Country” Nelson as a human punching bag

Junior Dos Santos pounded on Roy Nelson for three rounds. It looked like Roy Nelson would go down a few times, but he showed his toughness. Roy Nelson was out boxed for three rounds. Junior Dos Santos used Roy Nelson as a human punching bag. Junior Dos Santos hurt Roy Nelson consistently with uppercuts. This is bad news for Roy Nelson. The UFC now knows his weakness. He is prone to the uppercut. Roy Nelson proved he is a tough MMA fighter. However, he did not show the skills needed to compete with Junior Dos Santos. Junior Dos Santos won a unanimous decision over Roy Nelson. He should get a shot at the winner of the Cain Velasquez vs. Brock Lesnar at UFC 121 in California. The fight will take place on October 23 this year.

Clay Guida submits Rafael Dos Anjos in round three

Rafael Dos Anjos dominated the punching exchanges in round one. However, Clay Guida broke his jaw. In between rounds Rafael Dos Anjos told his corner he was injured. He continued to fight into round two with a broken jaw. Rafael Dos Anjos continued to dominate the punching exchanges in round two. Clay Guida was able to get the takedown and roughed up Rafael Dos Anjos on the ground. In the third, Clay Guida took Dos Anjos down and pressed him against the cage and pushed his elbow against his broken jaw. Dos Anjos was forced to submit. This was an impressive fight for both men. Clay Guida took punishment, but came out victorious. Rafael Dos Anjos took it to Clay Guida and may have won the fight under different circumstances. I see a rematch between these two fighters in the future.

These were the headline fights for UFC 117. UFC 117 was a great show. Chael Sonnen took Anderson Silva where no man had taken him before. Anderson Silva grabbed victory with an incredible submission in the last round. Matt Hughes showed he is again a man to be reckoned. Junior Dos Santos showed a glaring weakness in Roy Nelson’s fight game. He also showed he deserves a shot at the title. UFC makes me look forward to the next event, UFC 118.

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