Understand Assessment On A Sheffield Apprenticeship

If you join a vocational training provider such as Sprint Training as a 14-16 year old as part of you school program, then you will be assessed throughout the course of your 2 year period (Y10 and Y11). You will be assessed at various different points throughout the course of the two years. There will be the opportunity to re-assess anything that does not go well first time around. This gives you the best opportunity to successfully complete your Level 1 qualification.

If you are aged 16 to 18 and join a Stepping Stones program, then assessment is dependent on what has been built into your individual learning plan, with your agreement. It could be that there are literacy or numeracy qualifications to attain, in which case you will be assessed at the end of you 13 week program. This assessment could take place earlier contingent on your progress. There could also be a professional qualification required to enable you to move onto the next level of your training. For example a CSCS Card may be required for you to start a construction apprenticeship or a construction job.

If you are an Apprentice, then you will be assessed at different point throughout the course of your 18 month framework. Assessment will take place both in your workplace and in a Vocational Training Centre, such as Sprint Training in Sheffield. Experienced industry professionals and Assessors will give you regular feedback on how you are progressing towards completion of your Apprenticeship framework.

One of the element of an apprenticeship scheme is that allows apprentices to work at their own pace and there is no pressure to complete the assessment in a set time. Because of this, assessment needs to be ongoing as some apprentices will reach different levels at different times.

Somebody will be assigned to keep an eye on an Apprentice’s progress and the apprentice will be encouraged to assess their own skills and say when they think they have met the level required.

The assessment will be ongoing throughout the apprenticeship scheme but there will come a point when the apprentice will have ticked off all the skills that they need. Once an apprentice has reached this stage, they will undergo their final assessment.

The assessment is a very important part of an apprenticeship scheme as it shows whether the apprentice is ready to progress to a fully fledged job. The Apprentice will be given the key skills and stages that they need to reach and then it is up to the assessor to decide whether they meet the standards.