Unique Christmas Holidays


As Chrismas is approaching, you may be planning for your holidays. In Australia there are many places you can go during your Chritmas holidays. However, you may have not contemplated or thought about some locations. In this article I highlight ten unique places you can spend during your holidays where you will enjoy unique experience and also enjoy the utmost in the forth coming Chritmas holidays.

1. Bright or Mount Bueaty in Victoria Australia

Bright or Mount Beauty is in the north east of Victoria and just over 300 kms from Melborne. it is a great place for cyclists because it has a gentrle gradient and it has a sealed road of about 94 kms. from Bright to Wangaratta.

Bright has many restaurants and in an acces point to Mount Buffalo, which have great walks and lookouts. In Ovens valley vist the red deer farm and emu farm where kids can handfeed them. As well they can have a ride in World war 11 US Army Scout Car when they are visiting these farms. 

As locals have discovered it also have family-frindly wineries. These wineries have plenty of space to play and the parents to enjoy quality wine. Wineries in this area re Annapuma, Ceccanti and Mount Bogong Estate. If you are interested in wildlife you can do bird watching and wildlife spotting in nights at Gippsland High County Tours.

2. Lake Mungo national Park near the boarder NSW

If one is interested in Aboriginal life style and also historical places and fossils this is a place to visit. You can do this from Wentworth Harry Nanya Tours. it has continuous Aboriginal life dating from 40, 000 to 60,000 years. If you vist this place you also can learn about bush tuker and bush medicine. You also can vist woolshed built by Chinease labourers. as well amazing great Wall of China as sand dumes. You also can learn about the ways of Barkindji people on the way back to Wentworth. Costs from $300 per family ( 2 adults and 2 under 12 years), with extra kids at $45 each.

3.EarthWatch in Border ranges and Watagan Mountains in NSW, Australia

If you are realy interested in the conservation of native frogs, then you can join as volunteers in this not-for-profit organization. They do research why there is decline in native frog poulation in Australi and Worldwide. If you want more information you can vist their web site. Vounteer families can join in the bush camping expeditions., which set off from Newcastle. It may be valuable for families who cares about the enviornment and enjoy wildlife and conservation of plants and animals. It is a unque experience and also can be a worthwile endevour some people.