University of Texas of the Permian Basin Review

Hello everybody, Inari Sasorri here once again!

Let’s face it, you live in Texas, and you want to go to college. Texas is filled up to your eyebrows with different colleges, but which one does Ms. Sasorri approve of?


Like all you teens out there, I graduated, applied for colleges and got accepted. Now I had my choice out of San Angelo University, Odessa College, and the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Odessa College was in fact the cheapest, but also had a bad reputation to match. (Reputation as told by close friends) San Angelo University may be only hours away, but what would happen if I really had an emergency? Besides, there are some seriously scary stories about that college! Check out haunted colleges! 🙂


So then, there I was left with my last option. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin. What a mouthful! A friend and I drove down to Odessa, Texas and took a tour of the place. There were many groups to join, the people were amazingly nice and easy to talk to, and the teachers there were absolutely wonderful. The whole lay out of the Mesa Building was easy to navigate, all you have to do is remember that the building is a figure eight shape! Just because the lay out of the building and the people were nice doesn’t mean that is why I chose to go there though.

The progams this school had to offer was indeed one of the very best, just like the advertisments had stated. Don’t forget this is a University, so you are more likely to get a job with this in your background. The school has been awarded for their amazing programs, more people have been hired for life long jobs with their credits here. The teachers are very understanding and they will work step by step with you until you learn the objectives. If a teacher is not available at the time, then there are tons of student instructors around to lend a helping hand. Most classes have you assigned to a group that makes is way easier to learn and to get you to come out of your shell. If you need a text book, but are dead broke, all you need is to head over to the financial aid building and ask for a book loan. You fill out a small form that takes about 2 minutes of your time, they hand you a piece of paper to take to the book store, and that’s it. You get your books, and the bill is charged to your tuition cost. No additional fees.


As for some other great things about this school; They have an awesome caffetirria, and very cheap I might add. The bookstore is right in the middle of the school. No need to drive down the road to get paper or pens. The people here are crazy for their ping pong tournaments. The Student Housing is very nice, and have free computer labs for your enjoyment or school needs. It’s open 24/7 by the way.  The dorm buildings are co-ed, but the dorm rooms are not. You can always find somebody to meet and make friends with. You make life long friends here. The school is very close to all the shopping stores, Wal-Mart, Chilies, and many other great restraunts. They have a great work-aid program. The Odessa Police are always around if you need help. There are many blue stands that have a button you press when you need the police ASAP around the school, parking lots, and dorms. They are supposed to be there within seconds of the alarm.


The only downside is there are no pets allowed. Get your books early, because that bookstore will be filled with a long line that will take hours to end. The dorms fire alarms will occassionally go off if your making burgers in the kitchen. It is a dry campus, so no alchol. There is a club very near the school so there may be some drunk drivers that cut across the school trying to stay away from the police. Little do they know that the University Police are the Odessa Police and can arrest them, and vice versa with us.

That is it for now my educated followers! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this article, then please send me a personal message, or leave a comment below.

♥Inari Sasorri

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