Update your World of Warcraft addons quickly

After patches, it’s so annoying to have to go through websites to find updates that will work with your World of Warcraft game – here’s an easier way to download updates for all your addons with one program!

You will need to download a program called WoW Matrix.  Then you choose the icon to download the program (depending on what type of operating system you use) and save it to your desktop. As soon as you’re done with that – Launch the WoW Matrix.

When Wow Matrix starts up – it will go through your searches of all the addons you have on WoW interface (addon) folder. The items in a violet purple color are the ones that needs updating. Click on “update all addons” on the top right hand corner, or if you prefer to do them one at a time, just highlight the specific addon and choose “update” .

The program automatically gets the latest update from wowmatrix.com and automatically installs it onto your WoW add on folder.

You can also do searches on WoW Matrix with keywords to find specific addons. Just click on the tab that says “Get more addons”, type in a keyword, and choose “Install”.

Once all your addons are done updating or downloading, you can close the program. Restart your World of Warcraft and enjoy your updated addons!

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