Use of Internet

At first internet only use for information, information take and give formula. But days are going and use of internet and  changing there are so many uses of our life in every step are now related with internet.
Now a days it is not a limited for research and govt works. it is now open for all. mainly commercial of internet make the change.any kinds of business communication and advertisement and advertisement are now use in internet . At a glance we see how internet using now in present time.

(01) Information- In present time information takeable is main media of internet. Just a moment you can send a e-mail any place of the world and cost is nothing so now internet is use now alternative of pone and fax.

(02)Information gather:- Any kinds of information are now gather by internet, user can browse and gather all his information which he/she need then he can print it or save it his computerization or pen drive. you can take any information from search engine help.

(03) Education :- In present internet is the ocean of knowledge. Any kind of informational knowledge collect from net ,from on line you can learn any book or you can find there library more than any correspondence course can be done by internet . and now many university are given certificate from internet course.

(04)Online media:- In present time paper  or magazine and journal are published internet beforeprinting copy,Even you can see a news paper internet before your howkar coming.

(05)Entertainment: In the field of entertain main now internet play the main roll and future only play internet. radio, television, cinema magazine music etc all are people get from internet. without that video editing video share, music share etc are extra bonus
(07)relationship : when internet start internet really chat(IRC) then really people are strange because IRS are not only IRS is make people closer people starting chat then voice call then video call all are seem then we are not alone we are together. which father lice in Nigeria and son live in USA they contact regularly by video calling so distance are soon not distance. also now day by day every moment somethings is improving in the field of  internet

(08) Communication: In the field of communication internet is now standing a position which is unbelievable because you can chatting voice calling video calling video conference all of this with internet your home now is your office we can also say your laptop is now your office

(09)Commercial: In the present field of business and commerce side internet is most important part of now if it is use for communication one hand other hand it is use for goods marketing ad advertising just  a web site in a second one ads reached whole world.

that is the fact people just makes machine and command the rest of works  are done machine like computer internet server main while hard ware and software