Use Shrink Wrap, Expand Your Results

The technology for shrink wrap has been around for just less than half a century, yet it’s one of the most valuable in the modern world. It’s used on almost everything from books to food items nowadays, and it’s no surprise why. Shrink wrap is simply the most effective and most efficient method for securely packaging items in most cases. It makes transport and storage easier, and is fairly affordable to boot.

How to Shrink Wrap Anything

Although the specific procedure can vary, the general method is the same regardless of the magnitude of the wrapping job or the item to be wrapped. Shrink wrap film is measured out and then the item is completely surrounded by the material. Heat is then applied to the entire plastic surface to make it ‘shrink’ and cling to the surface of the item, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Notice that the DIY shrink wrap procedure follows the same pattern with the use of store-bought shrink wrap film and a hair dryer. That’s only good for casual, one-time wrapping, though. If you want to wrap more than a few pieces or if you’re after a professional-looking finish, it’d be a good idea to invest in a shrink wrap machine or two.

A Short Introduction to Shrink Wrap Equipment

Shrink wrap machines and similar equipment come in a very wide range of designs and features. The ‘right’ one to get for you is the one that best suits your purposes and your goal for wrapping the item in the first place. Machines for wrapping items for transport are very different from ones that wrap food for storage or retail. That’s why you have to define the purpose and utility of the wrapping before you go and buy anything.

In fact, many things will depend on the kind of job that you want your shrink wrap machine to do. For example, wrapping food for simple storage or retail usually calls for shrink wrap film that’s thinner than the kind used for wrapping transport crates. The size of your machine will depend on both the size and number of items. Smaller shrink wrap machines can go for as low as around $200, while larger units can exceed $2,000.

A major design factor that you should consider is the shrinking system that your shrink wrap equipment will use. Heat guns are the more common and less expensive system, but the slightly costlier heat tunnel technology is quicker and more efficient. Some of these shrinking systems even incorporate different sealing technologies like a vacuum or impulse sealer to increase the security of the seal on your item.

Whether you’re a personal shrink wrap user or a big business that shrinkwraps thousands of packages a day, it’s simply the cheapest and most effective way to seal your items in clean and durable packaging. If you don’t have one yet, you should seriously consider getting even a small shrink wrap machine for your home or office. You’ll be surprised at the number of uses that you’ll suddenly find for it.