Uses for Epsom Salts

Using Epsom Salt for a soothing bath soak has been known for years.  Epsom salts have been a staple in many homes to soothe those overworked muscles after a long day or a rigorous workout. There are some many other uses for Epsom salts from health and beauty, gardening and lawn care.

Epsom Salt is a multi-purposed all natural affordable compound. Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate. The healing properties of magnesium sulfate will promote better health.

Magnesium helps to improve heart rate, prevent hardening of the arteries, reduce blood clots and lower blood pressure. Magnesium reduces stress, improves nerve function, eliminates toxins and metals from cells and helps the body to use insulin

Sulfates are important for forming brain tissue, joint proteins, stimulates the pancreas, and mucin proteins.
Taken internally Epsom Salt acts as a detoxifying agent for colon cleansing. Use Epsom Salt with caution as a colon cleanse as it is very powerful and effective. It is not recommended to use this product more than a couple of days as this could detoxify the colon to a dangerous level.

Taking an Epsom Salt bath not only soothes the nerves but draws toxins out of the body through the skin. The salt bath also allows the sulfates to absorb through the skin.

Add Epsom Salt to petroleum jelly or face cream and you have a great facial cleanser. Massage into the skin and rinse with cold water. Scrub Epsom Salt on wet skin to exfoliate. You can use this scrub from head to toe.
Use Epsom Salt mixed with a deep conditioner to add volume to your hair.

Head lice can be taken care of inexpensively. Make a paste with warm water and Epsom Salt. Rub the mixture through the scalp and rub the hair shaft. Keep rubbing the hair between your fingers and working strands all the way to the end. With the hottest water that your child can handle, rinse the hair. Now take an inexpensive hair conditioner and apply it all through the hair and scalp. Take a very fine tooth comb and start combing through the hair strands rinsing out the comb often. Rinse hair. You may need to repeat this over again. Since there are no chemicals involved with this procedure you can do it as often as necessary.

Use Epsom Salt on your lawn and in your garden. You will notice bushier plants and brighter color blooms and your lawn will be thicker and greener. Sulfur and magnesium are vital to seed germination, production of chlorophyll and the conversion of sunlight into food.

You can sprinkle the Epsom Salt in your garden around rose bushes, tomato plants, pepper plants, evergreens, azaleas, and rhododendrons, always water thoroughly after applying to get the salt into the soil at the roots.

You will not have to worry about over using Epsom Salt in your yard and garden as most of the sulfur and magnesium will wash away. The salt will also keep many bugs away from sensitive plants and will also kill grubs in your yard and garden.

Sprinkle with Epsom Salt on soil and work in before seeding lawn. The magnesium and sulfates help to germinate the seeds and make them stronger and healthier. You can also do this when you are starting plants for the garden from seeds.

Epsom Salt is very environmentally safe and inexpensive. This is great for you and your family as you will not be exposing your family or yourself to harmful chemicals. These are only a few uses for Epsom Salts. You may have your favorites as well.