Using Facebook chat

Technology has such a strong grasp on today’s society that practically everyone has become accustomed to using the Internet as their number one source of communication. Facebook, being the leading social networking website, is frequently updated with new features and applications. A recently added feature to Facebook is the instant messaging system called “Facebook Chat”. Facebook Chat has many similarities to your standard Instant Messaging program. It allows you to converse quickly and easily with your friends who are online.  The great thing about Facebook Chat is that your messages are private, your conversations are strictly between you and the people you talk to.

Where is Facebook chat located? As soon as you sign onto Facebook, your chat has been activated. It is located on the bottom right corner of your Facebook page. It is beside the notification button.

How does Facebook chat work? Facebook chat is an easy-to-use feature. Simply locate the “Online friends” tab on your Facebook page,  this will bring up a list of all your friends who are currently online. Something to keep in mind is the symbol that is next to your friend’s name. If it is a green dot this means that they are presently at their computer using Facebook. However, if there is a moon symbol beside their name they have been inactive on Facebook for about 10 minutes, but they are still logged in. As soon as you find someone you want to chat with, click on the box that contains their name. After doing this, a chat window will emerge on the right side of your page. At the bottom of the chat window, type in the message you would like to send to your recipient and then hit send. After this, your message should appear in the chat. If you want to check if your friend is typing to you, a little speech box should show at the bottom of your chat window. If you do not wish to wait for a response, minimize the window and as soon as they message you a sound will alert you. To exit the chat window, hit X which is located at the top right of the window.

What are the Facebook chat settings? You can chat with as many people as you like at once, and also create friend lists. You may also put your online presence to offline if you do not want anyone to message you. This can be done by going to the Facebook chat settings which are located at the top of your online friend list.  Hit “Go offline” and you will no longer be able to see who is online, and no one will be able to see that you are online.  If you would like to modify the chat settings they consist of: Go offline, pop-out chat, show feed stories in chat, play sound for new messages, keep online friends window open, and show only names in online friends. This can be changed based on your own personal specifications.

A frequent problem with Facebook chat is the conversation going blank which will prevent you from seeing what your friend is writing to you. A quick fix for this is exiting the conversation and re-opening it. Your conversation history should reappear right away.

Facebook allows you to keep a personal bond with each of the people you have on your friend list, and Facebook chat is a very effective way to do so.