Valentine's Day And The New Zealand Bloke

 Instead, going by the talk on the radio stations, all over New Zealand men are groaning and complaining about how hard they have to work today to “stay out of trouble” with their women.

One complaint heard this morning was that it should be for singles, but there’s a lot of pressure on those in long-term relationships as their wives come home grumpy for being the only one at work who didn’t get flowers today.  Other complaints ranged from “it’s commercialised bs created by Hallmark to sell cards” to “I have to do something or I won’t get any loving, and it’s all so expensive today.”

Sadly, in my experience, romance for the New Zealand fella has become “your arse looks great, I really like your arse.  So, what are my chances?”

Is it really so hard to be romantic?  Come on kiwi blokes, think about how special you make your women feel when you do something completely unexpected and sweet.  Even a fish and chip dinner and a walk on the beach (without the kids) would be nice.  A bunch of flowers picked from the garden says more than a $5 bunch of carnations and statice from the corner dairy on the way home.  Mind you, a $5 bunch of carnations is nicer than “So, since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’m gonna get me some of that later on tonight.”

Women like to know that they’re appreciated for more than their skills or willingness in the bedroom.  We need to know that we are more to you than a regular roll in the sack or a cook and cleaner with benefits.    Is it somehow less ‘manly’ to show your partner that you love and care for her?  Is it soppy and something that the lads will tease and rib you for? 

It is one day a year.  It happens every year.  You can’t say that it’s just sprung on you with no warning.  How hard is it to plan something small but special?  It doesn’t have to be expensive, thoughtful is more important.  Here are some simple ideas:

– Run her a bubble bath with a glass of wine while you sort the kids out for the night. 

– Cook dinner for her.

–  Leave a little note that says “I love you” with a daisy from the lawn.

– Tell her to sit down while you get the dishes done, kids through the shower and off to bed.

See it’s really not that hard.  It doesn’t have to be a big thing, sometimes the little things mean more to us, they show us that you care, that you appreciate us, and that you’re thinking of us.

That’s what Valentine’s Day is really about.