Variations on Rice. Microwave On a Budget Recipe #1

All you need for this meal is the following:

1x Microwave cooking pot with lid
Basmati Rice 5 fl.oz or ¼ pts
¾ pts or 15 fl.oz water
1 x Tin of Hot Dog Sausages
1x Tin Garden Peas
1x Tin Mushrooms
Tub of Margarine

Time = Half Hour at most

The rice is a case in point that you learn new things all the time for a long time I have been using ordinary cheap rice which is ok but tends to stick together and be gloopy. Basmati cooks quicker makes little mess and tends to separate easier in my experience, this is besides the fact I think it tastes better. The amounts I have given are what I have worked out with a plastic measure jug for the rice
And will cook the rice without any excess water. This typically has given me two and a half plates, seconds!, and is pretty nice cold or can be reheated if your not as greedy as me.

Ok all you have to do put the rice and water in the pot (don’t forget the lid)  and set your microwave for half an hour (I always have mine on high setting) and start the rice cooking. While that’s doing open up the tins, drain them and chop up the hot dog sausage in a bowl and get the margarine close to hand.

Keep an eye on the rice until it has absorbed all the water, I have found it takes around 15 mins starting with cold water, when it has put quite large quantities of margarine in the rice (to taste) and mix it round so it melts and covers the rice, now you can put in all your tinned content and mix that well into the rice too, and that’s it. Give it another 5 to 10 minutes in the microwave and you have your meal.

You can of course use fresh ingredients and or alter to your own tastes, I have on many occasion made this without the hot dog sausage.