Verizon Wireless Prepaid Review – Plans, Phones, Prepaid, Pros And Cons

Company overview


Verizon Wireless has in the United States to higher profitability of mobile operators. Basking Ridge, New Jersey, based on the customers of approximately 70 people strong are mine. Network coverage, nationwide, customer loyalty and churn less is remarkable.


Prepaid plan


3 sound Plans to meet the needs of Verizon Wireless, prepaid. Core plan 1 minute for every 10 cents and they cost only access fee is 99 cents. Is a Verizon phone to call you between unlimited using the tariffs of the access service. Using the phone force impulse Gundam plus has access fee $ 1.99 days. Includes unlimited calls and night: 9: 01 PM 05: 59 am. All other calls 1 minutes for the price of five cents. Power $ 2.99, which offers unlimited calls, anytime.


Advantages and disadvantages


If you have unlimited calls only $ 2.99 a day power use selected INpulse plan provides more savings. However, while many other providers license fees, Verizon Wireless phone cost $ 25 to activate does not load.






Per minute depending on sound planning of the subscription. Standard charge 10 cents and can be used in the basic plan. Unlimited calls at any time if you select the best piano sound power is that you are at no additional cost.




The date to use this service for mobile web is accessed to 99 cents.


Text and images


Plan core charge 10 cents per message sent and received. And 5 cents plus tax, rate plan only 2 cents savings of energy. 25 Cents cost of sending international text messages are received that apply the same rates. Monthly containing two messaging options: unlimited messaging unlimited network with the United States $ 20 and $ 10 unlimited messaging messages, Verizon, wireless phone over 250 text to any network to every month. Rate of 25 cents per message to send photos and videos.




Cover Verizon Wireless international calls. This additional fee billing, a minute of acoustic design of call charges. You can call customer service to make international phone rates in a given country. Do not call Puerto Rico at no additional cost.


Call functions


Standard calling features of Verizon Wireless plan sound: call waiting, three-way calling, call forwarding, caller id.


Long haul


Verizon at no extra charge, in the United States and Puerto Rico also calls is nationwide and covers.






Payment options


You can determine where to buy online with credit/debit card. Cash, add the option is purchased at the Verizon store.


Roaming rates


You can at a rate of 20 cents move on rates of transmission time for casual per minute unless Verizon signal in the region.


No activation fee


To activate a prepaid service and must be $ 25 activation fee.


Expiration rules of


Service intervals vary depending on the cut card purchase: $ 15-$ 29.99 valid valid expiration 30 days, $ 30-$ 115 for 60 days expires the $ 75-$ 99.99 and $ 100 for 90 days, or lasts for more than a year.


Customer service


You can reach Verizon Wireless customer service e-mail, toll free number or speed dial from your phone.




Device on Verizon Wireless offers a wide range of choice from a normal flip phone for touch screen mobile phone, Pda, Blackberry mobile phone. On some models, the BlackBerry Pearl 8130, Blackberry 8830 World Edition, Motorola Q, Palm Centro, LG Voyager includes.