Views of Kumaon: Badrinath

Set high in the Himalayan Mountains of Kumaon, is the holy town of Badrinath. Adorned with brilliant natural beauty, this religious place is a must-see for the committed Hindu theist and the tourist alike.


Badrinath was established by Adi Shankaracharyra in 9th century. It is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. As the road linked to this place, are being made wider and safer more and more tourists are opting to visit this place every year. The temple of Badrinath is considered one of he 4 dhams of Hindus and thus is of immense religious importance. As the road gets blocked by snow and ice in the winters, Badrinath is opened is for tourists in May every year.


The popularity of Badrinath is not only of the modern age. It has been known as a holy place from several centuries. Badrinath finds mention in Holy Scriptures like the Bhagvata. The name Badrinath is derived from the word ‘badri’ for which the common Hindi word is ‘ber’. This is a kind of berry found in various regions of India and the trees of this berry are found present in huge numbers here. ‘Nath’ which is the second part of the name means lord and thus the name comes out to mean the lord of ber. The main temple of Badrinath is a Shiva temple and here people refer Shiva mostly as ‘Narayana’.



As a tourist, you will fall in love with the beauty of the place. Snow capped mountains, freezingly cold and turbulent rivers, waterfalls, abundant greenery and religiously peaceful atmosphere leave a lasting impression on the memory.