Views on Wedding Photography From a Seasoned Pro

I have been doing this a long time now and one thing never ceases to amaze me; everyone has their own opinion about what is “right” in wedding photography.

Photographers will tell you that there is one way to do things, and of course that’s their way. Wedding planners will tell you they will keep the photographer in line and venues will tell you they will make sure the photographer uses all the best spots on their property. 

Worse still, the countless magazine articles and blog posts out there will add more confusion to the mix.

In the end, there is no right way to make great wedding images. There is only your way. Yes, I said your way. 

You might ask, “Well, I’ve never done this before so how do I even know what my way is?”

The answer? It’s all about feeling. Emotion is key, as it is in most other aspects of planning and executing a wedding. You want a location that is romantic or meaningful to you. You want food that you love, music that makes you happy, flowers that are beautiful and a cake that is delicious and spectacular. 

With wedding photography, it’s no different. You want to end up with a photographer who is able to produce images that move you when you first see them, and that means tears not movement towards a phone to complain. You also want a photographer who will not make you feel ways you don’t want to feel on your wedding day. Feeling rushed, criticized, insulted, looked down on, unimportant or any other negative feeling is not something you want on your day. 

I great wedding photographer should be able to learn who you are in short order and then use their experience/artistry to capture great moments for you. They should not need to disrupt your day to do that nor should you expect to never hear or see them. A great wedding photographer should know when to step in and direct the action and when to hang back to document treasured moments. 

In the end, your decision of who to hire should come down to the feeling you get when you first saw your photographer’s work, how they make you feel when you communicate with them and of course, these days, if they fit within your budget.