Vision Speaks

Over the years media has reported eye accidents during festivals like Holi, Diwali and sometimes during riots.  Wearing of dark  glasses as a precaution during such occasions,  gives protection to the eyes as well as from harmful UV rays of the sun. 

Eyes reflect the real  inner person- the mind and the soul and are a pointer to health condition.  Asparagus, vitamins and supplements found in corn, green leafy vegetables, onions and avocados are helpful to maintain eye health.

Avoid the screen for each 10 seconds  while working on the computers continuously, and blink more times to relax.  Tears of course lubricate the eyes.  Let your tears tumble down when you are on the brink and about to break down.  It carries away and out all stress accumulated hormones which impairs mental health. No one calls you a cry baby.

Tears of three types-basal; irritant and emotional.  Basal lubricates the eyes and prevent from drying.  Irritant tears are usually caused by external factors like dust and pollution.  Emotional tears are out of sorrow and joy.  The chemical properties of all the three are different.

Troubled Eyes:

Eyes need medical care if watering, blinking, burning along with a headache.  Some people are born cross eyed or squint but can be rectified under medical treatment.  Treatment for such ailments shall be started from young age.

Light plays a vital role in the care of eyes.  Light should enter from the left side never from the front.  Pastel colored walls and ceiling creates even distribution of light and more preferable in schools and at home.

Deficiency of vitamin A in the diet causes Night blindness.   Injury in the optic nerve causes total blindness. Perhaps eye is  the first organ to show or indicate presence of a disease in some other part of the body.

Cataract: is an opaque film in the  eye lens which creates a blurry vision.

Color blindness:  reasons are still unknown but  research indicates that women are less color blind than men.

Stys:  is an infection on the eyelid caused by germs.  Conjunctivitis is generally caused by dust and germs. 

Boys suffer from more eye injuries than girls while so any sharp objects and rough behavior should be avoided near the eye area.