Waiting For Your Safe Return

I wrote this poem for my son who is in the Middle East fighting for all of our freedom. Being a mother with her youngest son in the middle of this conflict is definatly worrisome and frighteneding. I find myself thinking about him a lot of the time. Hopeing and praying God protects him and brings him home to his family safely.

I not only think of him but all of those men and woman, husbands, wives,sisters,brothers, mothers and fathers who are also in harms way My thoughts and prayers are with them all.

Being a mother is easy when your children are small, but when they grow up and decide to be a soldier for a living, I must say it truly is not easy. I have put him in Gods care while he is in that far away foreign place. I know he will keep him safe from harm and bring him home to us safely very soon. This is all I can do, pray!

I would appreciate it if you could go and rerad this poem and be sure to leave a comment for my son as I will be forwarding this to him in a few days. I think that with all of us by his side he will feel better than he is at the moment.

to read this poem please follow this link:


Thank you all for your warm thoughts and prayers!