Wal-Mart Sells Quality Cribs for Less Than $150

For many years the only place to get a quality crib was to go to a specialty store like BabysRUs. Once you got there every option you had was overpriced. In recent years, Wal-Mart has made a push to improve the quality of their baby cribs, while reducing cost. The result is a wide range of cribs for less than the competition.

While searching for a crib for my sister’s baby I decided to do a little smart shopping. She was working with a tight budget and asked me to help her find a good crib for around $150. There was three things I was looking at. First was the price. My sister’s budget was firm so this was my first priority. Second was that it was good quality. Third was that it was attractive and matched the nursery decor.

My search started online. Target.com and BabyRUs.com were the first two sites I looked at. I quickly discovered that all three of my criteria could not be met. I then turned to Wal-Mart. I was very surprised to find names like Graco and Babymod on Wal-Mart’s Web site. I searched for cribs under $150 and was pleased to find a large quantity of cribs in this price range.

After narrowing down my search I began to look for quality cribs with a high star rating. After sorting the cribs by star rating I was able to weed out the cheaply made cribs. The number of cribs with four or more stars was surprising. Then I began to read the reviews. Taking the time to read these reviews was well worth it. Several of the potential cribs were disqualified this way.

Now all that was left was to find the crib that suited the baby’s nursery. My sister had been given an espresso changing table and so we looked for a crib that would go with what she already had. We had about 3 choices that matched all of the criteria we had come up with. What a surprise! Out of those three she was about to pick out the perfect crib for her. The crib was made by Graco, cost $120 with free shipping, and matched her changing table perfectly! I must say, I never thought this would happen.

You can easily apply this same strategy when you go to buy your next crib. You will probably be as surprised as I was to see all of the quality cribs available at Wal-Mart for so much less than the competition.