Walanglangit Falls Travel

I remember when I was 4th year highschool in our place in Gloria, Oriental Mindoro, we had a science camp in a school near a beautiful spot in our place, the Walanglangit Falls. One of the activities is going to the Walanglangit Falls and have fun bonding while swimming around the falls. We were required to walk since it’s not accessible by vehicles. The way through Walanglangit Falls is so challenging. You’ll encounter crossing rivers, waking to rocky ways, and jumping through big stones to cross the way. It’s really an adventure for me that time.

Along with the challenges, you’ll see the beautiful green and clean surroundings throughout the journey. You’ll see insects which maybe new to your eyes. You’ll see different trees and plants all over. The beauty of the place way to Walanglangit Falls removes the tiredness during the journey and more when you reach the place where Walanglangit Falls is.

All the efforts throughout the way is worth it when you see the beautiful Walanglangit Falls. Upon getting closer to the falls, you will feel the cold surrounding with the sound of splashing water from the falls. Almost every one of us carries the smile on our face when we reached the place. That was my first time I saw that beautiful place and I was amazed.

When you saw the place, you will realize why it was named Walanglangit (No Sky) Falls. The top of the falls is covered by the branches of the trees around it thereby covering the sky that gives light to the place. The place is not totally dark, its just that you can’t see the sky when you’re under the falls. I liked swimming around especially going inside the falls covered by the falling down water. It made me feel I’m in different part of the world.

That was really a memorable experience. Maybe sometime, I would love to see the falls again.

Years later, the Walanglangit Falls has been featured in television as one of The Seven Wonders of the Philippines, if I’m not mistaken of the title. (Hosted by Susan Enriques, a famous reporter/host)