Watch Out For These 3 Signs of Cardiac Arrest

The dangerous thing about cardiac arrest is that when signs of it are obvious, it’s often too late to help the victim, as their heart has already stopped working. This article will look at some of the risk factors and warning signs that can help us be more aware of the possibility of cardiac arrest. When it comes to cardiac arrest it is imperative to immediately get the heart working again.

One of the most common symptoms of any heart condition is chest pain. Chest pain is usually associated with a heart attack and sometimes with strokes which when bad enough will lead to cardiac arrest. Chest pain can be caused by a number of other factors too like indigestion or heartburn so you need to pay attention to these symptoms. Although cardiac arrest often occurs without warning or pain in some cases chest pain may occur. Despite common misconceptions, heart disease isn’t always the main cause of cardiac arrest. Apart from a few common medical conditions, accidents and trauma can lead to cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest can also be the result of factors like electrocution, extreme cold, and choking. You should seek medical help in any of these situations but when cardiac arrest is present it’s more pressing. If a person has no pulse, the only options are to apply CPR or a defibrillator right away. These measures can sometimes save the life of someone who has suffered cardiac arrest.

As we’ve discussed thus far, cardiac arrest is a sudden killer causing the heart to completely stop that is often preventable. Getting regular checkups is important. Probably the most undiagnosed and still most important risk factor of cardiac arrest is coronary artery disease which isn’t often diagnosed early enough to save your life. Your doctor can diagnose CAD using a number of tests but the biggest sign of CAD is high cholesterol. Once you know you have this kind of problem, there are various steps you can take to reduce your chances of cardiac arrest. Even though many people with CAD don’t know it exists it is still a major cause of cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is an extremely dangerous medical event so any warning signs should be taken seriously and you should seek immediate emergency help. Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent cardiac arrest but it isn’t possible to predict when it might happen. Watching for the warning signs just covered may save your life.