Ways For College Students To Make Money Online Using Bukisa

So you just returned from class, you have five pages of notes, and you aren’t quite sure how you are going to remember everything. Absorbing everything from an hour- (or more) long lecture can be difficult, but if you crank out a few articles, you will be able to better remember the information at test time, and you may even make some money in the process.

To get started, choose a few narrow, well-defined subjects from the lecture. Double check the facts about the topic and make sure you recorded them correctly, then summarize the topic in a concise, well-written manner. As long as you’ve written 250 words using correct grammar, spelling and punctuation and fact-checked your article, you should be ready for publication on Bukisa. To sign up for Bukisa follow this link.

Earn Money Writing Articles Online for College Students

Writing articles and posting them online will help you in a couple of different ways. First, it will help to cement the information in your mind. Writing articles can be used as a study tool because, through the fact-checking and writing process, college students will be forced to handle the information more, thus becoming more familiar with it and remembering it better. In addition, you may be able to earn a little bit of extra cash in the process.

Don’t be fooled, however. You will not get rich writing for Bukisa, and in fact, you probably won’t even be able to pay your bills or living expenses. You certainly will not be able to cover tuition, but you may make some extra money each month to put toward bills, tuition or living expenses. Or, if you prefer, you could make a little extra spending cash.

Bukisa pays each month through Paypal when your balance has reached $10. Generally, the site pays anywhere from $3-$3.50 per 1000 page views. At the time of publication, writers on Bukisa were earning $3.22 per 1000 page views. This means that for every 1000 page views you earn with your articles, you will receive $3.22. Many people earn $80 or more per month on Bukisa, though how successful you are will depend on several different factors.

To Be Successful Writing and Making Money Online

The key to being successful on Bukisa, or any online writing site, is to write well and to write often. Poorly-written pieces will not perform well, and publishing infrequently will not earn money very quickly. For college students, it is recommended that you write as often as you can, but a minimum of one 250-word article each day you have class will help you to earn money more quickly. At Bukisa, however, you are welcome to write about any topic as often or as infrequently as you like.

Finally, writing for Bukisa or other online sites will help you not only to earn a little money and study for class, it also could help to improve your writing and critical reasoning skills while building a body of work online. At the end of your semester, you could have better grade, improved writing skills, more cash and an online body of work to show to potential employers.

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