Ways to Save at The Supermarket

Some people make a bi-weekly trip to the grocery store. Some people shop each day. There are even those who head to their local supermarket for every meal! Either way, everyone finds themselves spending too much money when they only want to purchase “necessities.” These tips will help you end impulse buying and find the best deals when searching for groceries.

  • Cheaper brands tend to be found on lower shelves so look below.
  • If you have kids, try to shop alone – those little hands are quick to increase your bill.
  • Buying store brands is a double win. You pay less and often find healthier foods with fewer preservatives.
  • Buy snacks that will fill you up, such as fruit and granola bars, to prevent overeating and overspending.
  • Shop with cash. This ensures that you will stay under your budget!
  • If you’re only shopping for a few items, pick up a basket instead of a cart. This will help limit you.
  • Plan your shopping list ahead of time. Think about what you will need for specific meals, don’t just buy what looks nice. Some places have websites (such as Wegmans.com) where you can search for what you need and add it to a list to print out so you know what you’ll be paying before you walk into the store.
  • Buy bigger – the unit price is always less and items usually involves less packaging. For example, instead of buying six individual yogurt cups each week, buy one reusable container and a single, large container of yogurt.
  • If there’s a product you buy often, send an email or letter to the company that makes it; you may receive coupons in return.
  • Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach because it makes everything look more appealing! Trust the expert shoppers on this one, who often save up to $20 by eating beforehand.