We Are Now on The Verge of Great Indecisions to Weigh Down What is Moral or Immoral For All of Us!

The source of today’s incurable problem:

“We are now on the verge of great indecisions to weigh down what is moral or immoral for all of us.”

In a real sense of life, the ills of society are like diseases that are incurable if you don’t know precisely on how to treat them and counteract such illnesses with the right prescription and aid of medicine.

If you’re attempting with an accusing finger to point directly to the rebellious youth of today, you might say all the things that you want to say! We are helping the children to grow up or we are just only allowing them to feel what life really is or what life means to us.

Disrespecting the law is not an inborn trait, realizing this scenario takes place only for a reason and nothing else. For the youth’s perspective, antagonizing against everybody’s volition is one of the top learning methods to conceive.

We are in the social labyrinth of moral darkness, lost-and-searching-souls with deep agony. The congressmen, perhaps, play a little bit under-the-table roulette and get off with censure and bad publicity. This is not the main issue or ingredient that attracts the rebellious youth of today to politics and other bad stuff. The strategies will manuever them, and charisma lie also in them!

The country needs “thorough balancing” of decision and power. War, atomic bombs, nuclear weapons, graft and corruption, famine, thirst and blood and all these things are tagged as incurable problems. They persist even until now in our new generations. The incurable problems are all the dilemmas and manifestations of the youth’s behaviors that are taking center stage without kaleidoscopic hopes to dwell on.

Nations against nations, state against church, government against the arm forces, the military versus the fascists, and innocent civilians in between. Say for instance, our lives are threatened by economic deprivations and aftermath of the events, with uncertain subsistence of our children’s conditions, thus facing towards “depressing and bleak future.”

Despite the bad moves of the government, some had defiant orders from the given sanctions. There were grumblings, violence and uncontrolled tempers where the honorable courts couldn’t get away with the situations like protests, rallies and other untoward incidents just to go against the ills of society.

Because of this, people nowadays are impatient. They defy traffic regulations, anti-littered legislation, and express fear and contempt from the law enforcement officers. In fact, people are all searching for alibis to disobey the laws. As the saying goes, “Ignorance of the law excuses no one!”

We are now on the verge of great indecisions to weigh down what is moral or immoral for all of us. All the citadels are guarded by ignorance and mistrust which do not fall to political imprecations. The walls that must be directly stormed by the hosts of courage, morality and vision result in contemptuous lies, half-truths, chicaneries and demagoguery.

Globally, the selfish motives make everyone disobedient and chaotic. People should work hand in hand and never say no to the policies of the government, if the decision-making caters well to the vast majority of the masses. If there is failure, our country is at stake! We stand proud to correct such mistakes and failures and help our government pan out and excel in the best we can for the progress and prosperity.

The magical ingredients of progress and prosperity are love and understanding.