We are Part of the Cycle: To be Aware of Our Priorities – Visualize – and Act

Years ago, I was at a printing shop, and I was using the computer in the public computer room section of the store. I could not help but over-here a conversation that a middle-aged gentleman was having with somone else, at his computer desk. He was talking about the environment, and basically – how some people don’t prioritize the environment. Instead, they tend to prioritize entertainment. Entertainment being – the amount of money that is  involved in the promotion of sports, music, movies, and the great amount the players, singers, and actors… etcetera, get paid in their careers.

In theory (I thought) that the gentleman’s idea about focusing more on the environment, and less on entertainment sounded like great insight into how to create more of a balance. However, in reality – it is what itis, and I’m aware that a lot of those entertainers do what they can and are deeply involved in contributing and protecting the environment, and that I should take a look at the woman-in-the-mirror.

As for the little people – when we go to the movies and spend 30 bucks on soda, candy, popcorn… ectcetera, and come home to an overdue electric bill waiting to be paid, then I think there is an example of how necessary reprioritizing is.

What is the reason why some of us don’t reprioritize? What if we all recycled everything that could be, and used natural products and things that are not animal tested? What if we payed attention to protecting the environment? What have I been doing to involve myself in this conservation? Recycling cans and bottles, is that really enough?

Looking at the big-picture, which is made up of tiny parts, you may see how one action at a time could really make the eco-system get back to where it should ideally be – if we all did our practical part to make that happen.

The above scenerio happened a few years ago, when “going green” was not as popular as it is today. So why is it now getting popular? Probably because we are finally wising-up. It’s been promoted and out there enough to where it is finally reaching people, that we –  individually and collectively, influence our big-picture.

Now lets all remember our “going-green” grocery bags when asked, “Paper or plastic?” Let’s make it a universal priority!