We Are Undeniably Walking/Talking Divine Sexual Beings

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Uncovering the Predetermined Slant from Which We Operate

From the very first moment you opened your eyes into this dispensation of time, space and universe, you have had an indelible angle from which you operate. Your vision was manufactured out of eons of previous undeniable colored heritage, culture, biological and environmental factors. The distorted force though which you navigate your life is determined by how much you are governed in, through, around and over these instincts.

Although your life will seem to flow without your conscious intervention, unless you become aware of the thoughts that influence your emotional state, you will bump around and into relationships that will demand more of your concentration, attention and involvement than you are necessarily willing to give. Clarity will arise out of the subjected continuity you display with yourself.

Experience will teach you far more than any knowledge gained otherwise! Nothing is clear until after you have experienced it. But, if you refuse to allow the friction associated with the ‘growing times’ to penetrate you without lingering bitterness, resentment and jealousy, you will suffer the consequences of indeterminable bitchiness.  And, if you are so inclined as to label prematurely the event, circumstance and/or situation in a particular experience, you will most definitely remain restless, bored, dissatisfied and angry.

You may erroneously believe that you are capable of living your life with little or no instruction.  [Another false assumption.]  Obedience is greater than sacrifice and more meaningful in forfeiture. Remaining hidden is not an option for eventually YOU will have to show up for your life since no one other than you can do what you have to do. Your angle will guide you in all unexpected directions and surprising instructions for your individual paths should you be so interested and vested in the non-calculated growth associated.

Because you need to think of yourself as somewhat ‘special’ and ‘unique’, you will have a lot of difficulty adjusting to the cold hard facts of existence which more than adamantly state: We are all in this thing together and indelibly united with each other. WE are basically the same; each having his/her job to do while alive. This is the domain where you ‘gag at a gnat and swallow a camel’, wanting things to be different than what they actually are.  Some people would refer to these differences as preferences. [Another bitter pill to swallow.]

Now arrives the revolving scenario where the outer circumstances of your life will unfold according to a very specialized and detailed ‘order of the unfathomable ethers’.  In this state, you will find yourself in a repetitive ‘rat’s race’ getting nowhere fast. {Of course, in a reality there is no place to go but that’s another story altogether.}

Every single person you meet, including family has been pre-selected for a mandated divine cause. Your specific walking/talking design is prepared to ‘balance the opposites’ in your previous (2, 5,10,15, 20 or more years ago) walk. {IF there’s such a thing; who knows.  Let’s just pretend.} You are learning how to undo preferences and incidentals of personal selectivity. In other words, you are gaining a new knowledge of how to exchange the personal for the impersonal.

You are not here to build houses of fortune, nor taverns of substantive force. For all things turn back to the earth from whence it came. You are, however, to erect the fortress of gold within yourself by calling force the powers that reside in you. Nothing conceived on the outside of you is of lasting measure.  Only those things that have been fashioned from deep within the boundaries of your own soul. In essence, you are a trash truck in the process of removing outdated debris that has been carried over. {Whether you choose to believe in this one life or many} Working through old emotional rubbish will consume a lifetime.

By releasing the degenerative rubbish, the tried and true blemish-less soul reveals itself {and its purposeful intent} through circumstances formed in pain, suffering and total sexual misunderstanding. You can not make it right; neither can you tabulate the current path with any reasonableness. {Due to your intolerable slant on things} Seek to release the need for personal favorable answers beyond the moment you are breathing. Inexplicable sensual moments, which can not be defined in any rational way, are the most rewarding for you and linked to all undisclosed constructive moments.

Your life, as you are currently living it, will ‘stand up’ where no amount of rational explanation will suffice. Things go haywire! You will starkly realize you have absolutely no control of the outcome.  As long as you try to manipulate the circumstances, you will forfeit the experience of exhilarating freedom unbeknown to you until you relinquish control.

How long will you continue to go through the motions unable to explain the agony of not knowing and knowing (yearning) at the same time? The proverbial abyss where you end up straddled between do or don’t and fearing both!  A preamble battle ensues for possession of your divided mind. It is here you discover the straight and narrow path few people ever find much less walk.

Passive resignation is not allowed within these walls. You must work out your salvation through obedience, disciple and labor. You will not be able to plead ignorance nor will you be able to pride yourself with having been afforded the opportunity to ‘miss the bullet.’ You are called accountable for the actions you tried so desperately to coerce to your liking or prevent from occurring.

Look at the blank face who stares back at you in the mirror.  Who are you? Who are you, really?  What else truly matters except discovering your true identity and motivation for being alive? This IS the holy ground upon which you stand and where you leave your indiscernible fate with the GODS. You cease balking. You become pliable and usable.

You then are granted the insight of knowing the astounding GREAT work in, on and with you. Nothing else compares to this wisdom of the ages!

You vaguely remember your soul’s plight: to experience true suffering and pain as only the earth plane can offer. To release the idea of attachment to whatever binds you to repetitive emotional drama.  You begin to rouse from the slumber: “To know that which can never be repeated or explained can only  be established and maintained from our deepest wounds.”   We are incurably made strong and diligent by our stripes in those things we can’t predict and don’t resolve. We understand pleasure for pleasure’s sake and not of our own. We accept the moment of it and do not try to push it further!

We come to know without recourse or recommendation that we are solely sexual beings of a high order. We are here on earth to keep our agreements. No bailing out for any reason. Finish the mission by the angle from which we sprang is our solitary banner.

We are in this world but we are not of it. WE will not be denied every experience, joy, sorrow, pain, and pleasure full of conviction made available by the events not yet revealed or discussed.