Website Profiles:

The boom in social networking sites is witnessing a swift rise in prominence of all those with strong features and superlative user experience, and one such site is Bebo. The site has many regional portals in countries which include New Zealand, United States, Poland, Australia, Canada and Ireland, while the Polish version operates from a dedicated user database. AOL realized the value of this particular site and decided to acquire it in 2008 for $850 million from its owners.

The major features of this social networking gem are largely identical to most social networking sites, it exhibits comment sections for messages by the Bebo public, each profile encompasses two specific modules, the other being a list of user’s acquaintances. Extra modules are available for the convenience of users, on registration you are allotted a private profile from which you can opt to switch to the public profile that does restrict access to those in your inner circle.

Personalization is also enabled to allow you to choose the exact template design that suits your taste, and the profiles can incorporate quizzes, polls for your friends to vote in and to leave comments, you can also upload images on a whim. Users can enjoy the Bands section were you can enlist as a fan according to what takes your fancy, and make use of the blogging capability complete with comments section, you can list your chosen groups and add a video box that is linked to YouTube.

Whenever your friends make changes to their home page you can observe them from the ‘Home’ menu, while the map feature gives users a good measure of practicality by enabling them to see footprints of those who visit your profile page. Logging in and setting the profile to public in the map section activates the above feature, Bebo brandishes three privacy levels which are public, private and very private.

Profiles of those younger than 16 years of age is only viewable upon logging in, and to restrict access by age one has to simply set the desired specification in the public option, this leaves only close friends with a capacity to usurp this selective fence.

Bebo Music was born out of the initial feature named Bebo bands to which music groups or solo artists can create profiles they use to promote their talent. This specialized profile allows fans to be listed on it and the uploaded songs are organizable into an album complete with album art. Bebo Authors also changed name to Bebo Books to which authors submit chapters of their books and get them renewed by other users.